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John and Brian Here! We’re Pumpkin Web Design. Chorley’s most respected web design agency (now operating out of Preston)

For almost 7 years now, Pumpkin Web Design Chorley has been the team smart companies in Chorley rely on when they want to give themselves maximum brand impact online.  From Accrington to Whittle-le-Woods, we love working with businesses in the awesome part of Lancashire.

Brian and John, the dynamic duo behind Pumpkin, know everything there is to know about giving a business a powerful web presence. This takes much more than just building a pretty website: it’s about breathing life into your company’s entire digital identity.

In short, we give your brand a personality that your target online market will want to get to know. The result: more hits, more leads and more sales for your product or service. How do we do it? Through innovation, flexibility and superb specialisation.

At Pumpkin Web Design Chorley, we pull out all the stops to ensure every last client gets the online personality they want. This is why we dedicate ourselves to fully understanding exactly what it is that makes your business attractive to customers from the moment we start working together.

We do not sell one-size-fits-all packages to every business. Rather, we take the time to get to know you and all the brilliant things you bring to the table. Then, using our years of experience at the forefront of our field, we craft an online presence that will perfectly reflect that.

To achieve this, we operate with a small but perfectly formed team of experts, meaning you will always be on first name terms with the people who are responsible for your design project.

Our crack squad of dedicated geeks are hip to all the latest tech trends; as well as ensuring the website is engaging, compelling, awesome and beautiful, they will also make sure it is responsive for access on all devices, including phones, laptops or tablets. We are whizzes in SEO, so we can give your content the best chance of making its mark on the major search engines.

We superglued a £2 coin to the pavement. We also do websites!

We couldn’t resist it! With such a great view over Church Street and Fishergate from our office window, we just had to superglue a coin to the pavement to see what happened.  Amazingly, somebody later came back with tools to get the coin off the floor! Obviously we don’t do this everday. We’re usually designing websites and stuff.

Web design services and much more…

Obviously, when you come to Pumpkin, you will want us to give you a world-class website and this we shall deliver. And, while we are happy to accept the title of the best web designers in Chorley, we also deliver much more than that.

When you bring us in to handle your web presence, we see our role as greater than just supplying an online platform for your company. We also see ourselves as responsible for developing your online marketing strategies in partnership with you, consistently adding value to your business.

That’s why we don’t just charge you a one-off flat fee to setup a website that will then be left sitting static online. Because we believe a website, like a garden, needs constant care and attention to ensure it reaches its full potential, and this is what we will provide.

So, if you are looking for web design in Chorley, get in contact with John and Brian today. Pumpkin brings cutting edge skills, ultra-current technical know-how, friendly, personable service and client-driven flexibility to this essential part of your branding efforts.