Advantages of action words in web design

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Here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we are Manchester’s leading web design professionals. We work with a variety of companies across Manchester, and the North West, including those in Blackburn and Chorley, to provide high quality web design solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about action words in web design.

What are action words in web design?

Action words in web design are words that can invoke action or infer a sense of urgency. These include words such as: now, today, miss out, last chance etc.

Where should action words be used in web design?

There are a number of places where action words should be used in web design. These include:

  • Above the fold text content- Text content above the fold needs to be punchy, important and eye-catching. As part of this, action words can be used to add emphasis to your content and attract the attention and interest of your potential customers or clients.
  • Call to action buttons- call to action buttons need to invoke action from your website users and your potential customers and clients. The best way to achieve this is to use action words that can invoke an emotional or urgent response in your audience.
  • Forms and sign up applications- during the process of signing up or filling out a form is when a lot of potential customers or clients begin to have second thoughts or get cold feet. Using action words around this content can be a great way to to keep your website users focused on the end goal.

What are the advantages of action words in web design?

There are a number of advantages to using action words in web design. These include:

  • Encouraging website users to be active participants 
  • Increasing sales and sign ups
  • Reducing website bounce rate

Action words in web design can encourage website users to be active participants

Action words can be an important factor when it comes to website users actually taking action and interacting with your website. This is because these words invoke a strong emotional or psychological reaction that triggers a prompt response. Using this to your advantage is an effective way to increase click throughs and conversions.

Action words in web design can increase sales and sign ups

Using action words effectively throughout your web design in a number of key places can be a very effective tool for increasing sales and sign ups. This is because your website users don’t want to miss out on anything, and the prompts to action encourage them to seriously consider what your company or products can offer. This in turn leads to an increase in click throughs to product or service pages which can be a great opportunity to increase your sales and sign ups.

Action words in web design can reduce your website bounce rate

Effective action words placed in significant places around your website can dramatically increase the motivation of your website users to buy or sign up. This motivation can mean that less people leave your website, especially during the checkout process, which can reduce your website bounce rate.

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