We never set out in digital marketing with a view to providing branding services per se, but having worked with hundreds of businesses that just didn’t know where to start, and with ourselves so reluctant to develop a website with bad branding, we just sort of fell into it…

Hotel branding

Tell me about Branding!

Your business name, your logo and it’s font, colour schemes, tone of voice/language and marketing campaigns all come together to form your own, unique brand identity.

Take Apple for example with their super sleek, white and grey colour palette (simplicity of design which is also carried through the products which they develop), minimalistic and unmistakable logo, standardised typography throughout their website and email marketing campaigns, and a particular approach to language which is always consistent. There’s no mistaking Apple, and that’s because they put a lot of research into their branding.

branding for a day nursery in Manchester

Do I really need a brand identity?

Manchester is a big city so you’ll certainly have some competition on your hands. But if you put some thought into your target market: what they expect, what motivates them, what they’re used to – you can start to create a brand that stands out from your competitors, and that your customers will love.

Moving forward. you will focus on brand continuity; on your website, your email marketing campaigns, your print advertising and signage, business cards, invoices and letterheads – working towards becoming an established, trusted and recognised brand that leads the way within your market. Well done that brand!

branding for a video production company in Manchester

Why ask us about branding?

As creative types with a decade of experience in competing with other businesses, designing stuff, experimenting with ideas, and learning – we’ve honed our branding skills and design talents to the point where we can confidently provide branding as a stand alone service.