Corporate video production for Preston’s lovely business community

After years of trail and error with website designs and functionality, we can say without question that video embedded on a website converts more visitors to leads than the same website without video. We’ve been told time and time again that once a website features video production Preston business owners really notice the increase in sales and enquiries.

Our video production services give our clients a platform on which to effectively deliver a message, improve their business profile, build trust and increase the time on which their website visitors stay on their website. Great for Google rankings!

Questions about your website or digital marketing?

Send John and Bri a message. We’ll respond super fast. In fact, it’s usually within the hour…

Solve this... + 69 = 79

Is video the next big thing in marketing? Yep!

You’ll know yourself that if you are presented with a webpage full of text about the subject you are interested in, and alongside this there is a video which explains the same thing – you’re watching the video, and probably the entirety of it! Would you have gotten to the end of the text based version of the same information? Probably not!

Video not only gives your website visitor an easy way to be given the information that they are looking for, but it gives your business an opportunity to kick-start the relationship between your business and your prospective client. Video creates a true human element to your website, which could otherwise be lacking, particularly if you are currently utilising stock images.  In fact, video production has become such a popular part of what we do that we’ve formed a new video  company based in Manchester for clients in that area.

OK Brian and John, what are the next steps in getting my video produced and on my website?

Give us a call and we’ll have a good old chat about what you would like your corporate video to be like.  We’ll no doubt have some good ideas too.

Let’s organise a suitable time and date to come out and do the filming.  We’ll need to organise this so that everything you would like filming will be available to film.  For example, you may want a client of yours to feature on your video by way of a testimonial.  Let’s make sure everything is good to go.

We’ll turn up as arranged and expertly arrange the shoot.  Don’t worry about a thing, we’ll be able to direct as necessary.  Filming usually takes a few hours so put aside half a day for this.

We’ll come back to our office and edit the footage, then give you a call to tell you that your video is ready.

Have a good old watch, then let us know if there is anything that needs amending.

That’s it!  Lets get it on your website, social networks and anywhere else we can think of.  Your video will be an asset to your business that you can use for lots of different purposes.