Training. Here’s how…

Whilst we provide outstanding support meaning that in most cases our clients are required to know very little from a technical point of view, there may be instances in which a client would love to know how things are done, so that they can get stuck in themselves.

Bri and John have followed the same path, and acquired very similar skills over the past decade and a half, but Bri’s natural technical thinking make him the perfect technical director for Pumpkin Web Design. Amongst many other things, Bri looks after all things relating to SEO, training, servers, site speeds, coding issues, back ups, systems and finance. He’s also a talented musical mastering engineer, crypto enthusiast and keen pencil artist.

We’ll share our technical expertise to the fullest

If required, we’ll share our technical expertise to the fullest, allowing our clients to manage their own websites, run their own online shops or grow their own social profiles.

It’s great that our clients are assured that we’re always here to help if things seem to be getting tricky. We’ll always be here for support. We do often say that it’s sometimes better to give us the work to do, after all we are offering support as standard, and we’ll most certainly carry out website amendments and additions with a much more professional touch than an amateur – but, the option is there, and you’re the boss!

Did you know?

You’re great at SEO even if you don’t know it. As an authority on your industry, publishing your knowledge to your website will undoubtably be great content, and help push your website forward.

How is training delivered?

In many cases, any training required can be carried out over the telephone, just as long as both parties (us and you) have internet access at the time. We can even record the training session on video and email it over to you for future reference if required. This is particularly useful when learning how to add complex products to an online shop for example.

Having said all this, we firmly believe that our business is a success on the back of the fact that we’ve developed a business model that takes the onus largely away from our clients – allowing them to get on with running their businesses, rather than having to learn about internet marketing, WordPress, Photoshop and Google.