Pumpkin Web Design – a company where the seeds of creativity and hard work are thriving!

The duo of web design professionals who comprise Pumpkin, based in sunny Preston, have had their innovative attitude and powerful work ethic noticed ever further afield. Increasingly, a range of businesses who are seeking web design services are taking note of their creativity, professional guidance, and sound advice.

Three things really worth knowing about Pumpkin

• Since their establishment in the distant days of 2009, John and Brian have produced stunning results for more than three hundred clients of so many different sizes and business needs. These companies are located throughout the United Kingdom and, increasingly, across the world

• Pumpkin offers a truly diverse range of web services, all crucial to business success in the modern world, including stunning, attention-grabbing brochure style and e-commerce website designs, search engine optimisation, social media engagement, and a range of vital email services

• Through a series of key activities such as skilful blog posts, intense social media interaction, ethical link building strategies, realistic key word placement processes – tied to their unlimited levels of patience and leech-like persistence – Pumpkin Web Design are achieving terrific page one Google rankings for key clients

One thing you might not believe about Pumpkin

This may be the only business office you’ll ever visit where the centrepiece is a truly stunning and thoroughly inviting pool table. It sits pretty comfortably with their retro arcade gaming machine. If you ask John King why, he usually says: “Because”. Brian Smith is more forthcoming: “Because we have enough space for them”. In reality, both are terrific ways of getting to know new customers, taking a quick break to reinvigorate the creative process, and a place to sleep after those many hours of ceaseless toil when both their comfy, yet stylish, sofas are fully occupied. Yes, they do have homes to go to, but, when you enjoy the job so much, you like to stay right there on your patch. You know how it is sometimes.

Four things Pumpkin would like to know if they are to work with your company

Which, by the way, they would like to do. So, early discussions are likely to centre around:

• Exactly what you would wish to achieve. Some clients are seeking to build a website from scratch, others are looking for a revamp of their current site, which, as time passes, might have grown a little tired. Many are keen to enjoy the benefits of skilful SEO techniques, to gain prominence on social media sites, use email to canvas leads. Once the client explains their needs, then all their creativity and skills can be focused in the right direction

• How much you have allocated as a budget for this activity. Most companies seem reluctant to ask this from their clients – and more than a few of those are equally reticent about answering. However, it does have to be clear before any work can be planned!

• Who your competition is and what they are up to. They need to gain an idea of your current position in the marketplace, where you would like to be, and how you plan to get there. This information puts the work that Pumpkin will undertake for you into a clear context

• How you like to operate – so that they can deliver their services in a way that best fits in with how all the other people working in your business currently function

Four examples of successful companies working with Pumpkin

• If you have ever wanted to wear a festive jumper that tells the world you’re having a good time, then you should never go beyond The Christmas Jumpers Company. Pumpkin spent six months working closely with them to achieve page one Google rankings in the run up to the great day for key search terms such as “Christmas jumpers” and “Novelty Christmas Jumpers”

• Sankey Plumbing and Heating Supplies, based in Bolton, Greater Manchester, are a leading UK-wide provider of plumbing, bathroom and heating supplies. Their requirement, clearly delivered, was for a modern, order-friendly website for nationwide sales

• For more than three years, Pumpkin has worked in close partnership with A D Scott, who offer highly-professional consultancy services covering health, safety and environmental issues. Their ongoing requirement is for a national exposure on Google with skilled SEO techniques generating viable leads for them, both locally and nationwide

• As a highly specialised property repair operation, Dry Abode required a thoroughly professional, information-rich website to provide clear detail in a way that highlighted the quality of the services they offered. Pumpkin’s full service solution included the use of YouTube video, stunning photography and a detailed SEO campaign

Working the Pumpkin way with Preston businesses

Wherever your business is located throughout the Preston area, Pumpkin are only a phone call away from starting a profitable discussion about your future. Are you still wondering what you get from working with John, and Brian? Well, you can expect:

• An extremely personal service – that’s a great plus of a small working team

• A terrific vibrant website – one specially designed to look its best whether being accessed using desktops, laptops, mobiles or tablets (and, no doubt, whatever comes next)

• Business generation skills in using Google, Bing and Yahoo – with superb SEO actions to deliver positive responses, even if you are in competition with seeming market leaders or multi-national companies

• Skilful use of the new Google Authorship option – if you haven’t heard about this yet, please call Pumpkin. They’re ready to tell all (even over the pool table if you insist)

• Clean HTML, CSS and PHP coding

…plus all the other stuff already mentioned, cheerfully delivered in the best one-stop shop that is Pumpkin Web Design. The old saying is true: “Today Preston – tomorrow the world” (but only if that’s where you want your business to be).

Contacting Pumpkin on their patch

For any questions about Web Design, Preston businesses can speak to John or Brian in an instant by calling 01772 822626. If you are eager to develop the most effective web presence you have ever had – or maybe even make your first-ever venture into this area – it takes just one call. They’ve even promised to put down their pool cues…

Thanks to Copify for writing this…