A company where the seeds of creativity and hard work are thriving! The team of digital marketing professionals who comprise Pumpkin, based in sunny Preston, have had their innovative attitude and powerful work ethic noticed ever further afield. Increasingly, a range of businesses who are seeking web design services are taking note of their creativity, professional guidance, and sound advice.

John has been in the internet marketing industry since 2005, prior to which he worked in traditional advertising, working with small to medium businesses throughout the UK in creative design. John considers himself to be a naturally creative and business minded individual, who enjoys turning his talents towards helping other businesses grow.

Bri and John have followed the same path, and acquired very similar skills over the past decade and a half, but Bri’s natural technical thinking make him the perfect technical director for Pumpkin Web Design. Amongst many other things, Bri looks after all things relating to servers, site speeds, coding issues, back ups, systems and finance. He’s also a talented musical mastering engineer!

Ash is an outstanding content writer and tech addict with a love of gadgets, gaming, robotics, and all things web. An incredibly valuable member of the team, Ash knows exactly how to write content that will drive traffic, encourage interaction, drive sales & gain credibility. Par for the course, Ash is a skilful and creative social media genius, utilising social websites to promote her content.

Working the Pumpkin way with Preston businesses…

Wherever your business is located throughout the Preston area, Pumpkin are only a phone call away from starting a profitable discussion about your future. Are you still wondering what you get from working with John, and Brian? Well, you can expect:

  • An extremely personal service – that’s a great plus of a small working team
  • A terrific vibrant website – one specially designed to look its best whether being accessed using desktops, laptops, mobiles or tablets (and, no doubt, whatever comes next)
  • Business generation skills in using Google, Bing and Yahoo – with superb SEO actions to deliver positive responses, even if you are in competition with seeming market leaders or multi-national companies