First class support as standard. In fact, our business is built on it!

So now that you own a website that is a true asset to your business, you’ll undoubtably want to grow upon it’s success, try new things, add new content, keep it safe and secure, target new key phrases and more.  If not, you probably should be! Our support services give our clients absolute peace of mind that we’re on hand to help them realise new ideas, try new things and ultimately grow and improve upon their exposure and success online. We actively encourage our clients to grow the scale and content of their websites so that, over time, the website becomes more and more effective in achieving the goals of the business.

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What our clients say about our support services…

“A friendly and professional company. Brian and John always there if you need help. Have talked with us through all the stages of the website and also are available by phone or email anytime you want changes making or updates. Cant recommend them enough. Made making our website a fun and easy process and made us a Fantastic looking website.”

“You can’t really ask for more. Professional people, honest, cost effective and spontaneous reply day and night. Service didn’t stop at the level of the website being live but they still working on making it even better. Hand on heart, I would not hesitate to faithfully recommend their service.”

“The guys at pumpkin delivered one of the best websites I’ve ever owned. They delivered it ahead of schedule, and made the whole process easy. The advice i was given with regards to continuously promoting the company through the website and google was invaluable.”

“John and Brian have looked after our website for about 2 ½ years now. They have some great ideas and have really helped us understand how to get the most out of it. Support is always on hand and the timescales they set out, are met every time. We have just updated the site and are really pleased with the results.”

Did you know that many of our clients initially came to us simply for support! With an existing website already in place but without anyone to help you manage it, it is easy to find yourself a bit stuck.

What is meant by support?

Support could cover anything from adding a blog post provided by the client, creating a new page to house some new content provided by the client, changing a phone number, embedding a video, running security updates, installing a new plugin, altering content to target new key search phrases.  In fact, there’s loads of stuff that we do for our clients under our standard support terms, and we very rarely raise an additional invoice for work undertaken.

Just as importantly as all of this, we provide a consultative service in which we give our clients all the advice and knowledge they need to push there business forward in all areas, not just necessarily online. We have so much experience in working with businesses of all types, that we can offer great advice in more areas than you might think.

Expect superfast response time.

You can be sure that your request will be taken care of first thing in the morning following your communication with us.  That’s right – the work you’ve asked for will be done in less than 24 hours after you’ve asked us to do (barring weekends, acts of God, holidays etc). We’ve built our whole business on outstanding support, and made some great friends, excellent clients, and amazing relationships as a result of our fast, friendly and common sense support services.