Cost effective shopping cart solutions that rank well on Google

Looking for a web design company that really specialises in complex, large scale e-commerce development and support? Well we can probably recommend a local company that does that – but it’s not us we’re afraid. If you’re looking for a simple and cost effective shopping cart solution that ranks well on Google, we can definitely help you with that…

ecommerce web design example

Open your shop to the world

If you’re a retailer of potentially shippable products, why not give the rest of the world the opportunity to make a purchase, rather than just you local community? Getting started is probably a lot easier than you think.

Benefit from our online retail experience

We’ve even set up retail businesses of our own in the past so that we could really get to grips with e-commerce, shipping, returns and payment integration. Why not pick our brains?

Join our clients already selling online

If you’d like us to put you in touch with some of our clients already successfully selling product online, just ask. We’d love to put you in touch with someone with experience in working with us.

The next Amazon?

Online shopping has never been more popular or profitable for online retailers, and as such online shops have become very clever, complex and highly functional. So functional in fact that unless we as designers and developers were working on online shopping technology every day, we’d really struggle to keep up with developments. And we’re not working on huge online shops everyday – and we never really intended to.

So can Pumpkin help me with my E-commerce requirements? Of course we can. Our solution of choice is Woocommerce, which is essentially an extension of WordPress. Woocommerce works perfectly well for smaller online shops with all the functionality you’d expect (product filters, variable product types, add to basket, upsell and cross-sell functions). Don’t expect the next Amazon from your shop, but if you’re on a budget or just getting started – it might just be the perfect E-commerce solution.