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Checkout improvements to increase sales

web design manchester

Recently, we explored the advantages of developing an eCommerce website, to sell your products to your customers online. But as part of an eCommerce website development plan, there are a number of things to take into consideration. For example, the existing abandonment rate for a shopping cart online is almost a whopping 70%. So if […]

Advantages and disadvantages of splash pages

web design manchester

Designing an effective website involves balancing web design trends with effective company branding choices. From the colour scheme to the typography, the imagery to the navigation bar, your website needs to not only be on trend, or preferably ahead of the curve, but it also needs to make a statement about your company identity. But […]

What is parallax scrolling?

Web design is a blend of different knowledge and skills, from different areas. Design skills are necessary for choosing the colour schemes, layouts, images and typography, while technology knowledge is crucial for creating a practical, usable and helpful website, that will also rank well on search engines. Parallax scrolling is one option for web designers […]