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Design an effective services page

Pumpkin Web Design Manchester

For many small to medium sized business, selling products online is not something they need to consider. Instead, some SMBs are focused on selling services instead. From plumbing, heating and construction services, to the hair, beauty and fashion industries, service providers are essential. But whether you are an old favourite or a new starter, you […]

Advantages of related product sections for eCommerce websites

If your website sells products directly, you have an eCommerce website. And apart from a stunning landing page, a user friendly checkout process, and a well designed product page complete with customer reviews, you should also design and include a related products feature too. But what are the advantages of related product sections for eCommerce […]

Key features for effective mobile web design

Mobile web design is currently essential for any business, of any size. Particularly following the roll out of Google’s mobile first index last year, which takes into account the quality of the mobile web design, when organising website ranking positions. But designing for mobile is not the same as designing for a desktop, or larger […]

Why should you use texture in web design?

Web design is all about balancing and blending different design schools to produce something that looks stunning, and is practical, for web content. As a result, trends and patterns develop and change over time. And it is important to keep up with these developments to help your website, and your company, look great online. That’s […]

Advantages of sliding images in web design

woman enjoying web content

Designing a website that reflects your brand and promotes sales or sign ups involves a lot of planning and research. From the layout to the typography, there are a number of important decisions and choices to be made. The type and style of your imagery is another aspect to consider, and your choices include illustrated […]