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What are the advantages of using seasonal hero images?

Pumpkin Web Design Manchester

At this time of year, you will probably have noticed that most of the websites you use have had a seasonal, festive makeover. From small icons or illustrations decorating headings and page titles, to full size seasonal hero images, there are a number of ways to get on board with this trend. But is this […]

Seasonal design changes for any website

With Christmas just around the corner, many websites make some simple seasonal design changes to show offers, discounts, or to keep up with the festive spirit. But what are the most effective seasonal design changes for any website? And how can you be sure that these changes will have a positive impact on your conversion […]

Advantages of black and blue web design colour schemes

web design in Manchester

Choosing a web design colour scheme can be tricky, and whichever colours you choose, they need to fit with your company branding. But beyond this, the only limitation is the overall aesthetic, and user response. Black and blue colour schemes are a popular choice for website design. But how can these two colours be combined […]

Website layouts for responsive web design

web design manchester

In our latest blog we explored adaptive web design, and the various advantages and disadvantages to this system. The only other viable alternative for effective mobile web design, is responsive design. And this is much more widely used than adaptive design, with fewer drawbacks and increased positive results. But what is responsive design? And how […]

Advantages of adaptive web design

Social Media Manchester

Making sure your website is well designed to perform well on all devices and screen sizes is an important factor for any business or company. Google’s “mobile first” algorithm is applied to users accessing search using a mobile device, and promotes better mobile websites over others. This means that without a good mobile website, your […]

Design considerations for improving your email newsletter

web design manchester

Sending out an email newsletter is a great way to let your previous customers know about any additions or improvements to your services or products, and to keep them up to date with company developments, as well as secure return custom. But to really make sure you see all of these potential results, you will […]