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Why is minimalist web design so popular?

web design manchester

Creating and maintaining an effective and successful website is all about making the most of key design features, and combining this with effective web marketing techniques, such as SEO and content creation. One of the most popular web design trends in use currently, is minimalist design. But why is this design trend so effective? And […]

Designing product pages that will get results

web design manchester

If your company sells products, designing an effective and stylish product page is essential for your success online. Your potential customers will make a decision about whether or not to purchase your items, simply by looking at this page on your website. And to make sure they are compelled to act, and trust your company, […]

Effective animation choices for your web design

woman enjoying web content

Animation in web design is a trend that is constantly developing over time, with subtle changes transforming the purpose, and style of animation to match different design trends. This means that there are a number of different animation options to choose from, and selecting the best possible design for your website, and brand, can be […]

Considerations for designing the perfect icons

web design manchester

Effective web design is all about finding the balance between typography, colours, and imagery to create a layout that is unique as well as practical. But web design also has to be responsive, so that people accessing your website on a mobile device or tablet can still have access to a well designed website, with […]

Designing service pages to increase business

Pumpkin Web Design Manchester

For businesses providing a dedicated service, in the local area, or nationally, a well designed website can be a huge advantage. But while many companies will focus mainly on the home page or landing page, the service pages themselves will need more attention. This is because, these are likely to be read by potential customers, […]

Advantages of text first web design

web design manchester

To design the website that will secure results for your company or business, there are a lot of different options available. From minimal design, to one page websites, different design styles will suit different companies in different industries. Text first web design is another option. But what is this? And how can it be used […]

Promoting brand identity through web design

When creating a website for your company or business, it is important to consider the requirements of your users. From practical decisions that will reduce the loading time, to style choices that will help your website stand out, there are a lot of considerations to take into account. And this should include developing a brand […]