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Considerations for space themed web design

One of the web design trends that tends to be cyclical in nature, reappearing and disappearing again, is the space themed website. Dark colours, pinpoints of contrast colour, and circular elements set this web design theme apart from the others. And with a recent resurgence in space themes, we thought it would be a great […]

Using overlapping elements in web design

web design manchester

Creating a website that delivers your company message in a clear and concise way, while being visually effective, is a must for any business or company. But designing this with individuality and creativity can be a challenge, and it’s often easier to simply stick to what you know already works. However, this is not the […]

Using geometric patterns in web design

Web design is something that changes consistently throughout the year. That’s why creating a stunning website is only the first stage to being successful online. Your website will need updating from time to time, as trends and design styles change. Geometry, for example, is currently a very popular tool for print design and web design […]

Considerations for accessibility in web design

web design manchester

Creating a stunning website that can be enjoyed and used by all users, should be the aim of every web designer. Unfortunately, too often the term “all users” is forgotten and missed out completely. But making your website available to everyone, doesn’t have to be too complicated. Well, here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we […]

Tips to improve your website contact form

One important addition to any website, is the website contact form. This is essential for allowing your consumers to contact you directly, from your website. Social media links, email links and even call links are often included in the page header, but a contact form simplifies this whole process. Or rather, it should. A contact […]