Floral typography in web design

Designing website typography can make a big difference to the overall website design while also showing your branding style and identity. Floral typography can be a great option for a wide range of websites, and companies with a variety of brand identities, from the more formal to the more quirky. But what are the options for using floral typography in web design? And what are the benefits of this?

What are the different options for floral typography in web design?

Floral typography in web design can be designed and created in a number of different ways, including:

  • Combining floral imagery with text
  • Using text that is filled or patterned with floral imagery

Combining floral imagery with text in web design

One very effective way to create floral typography in web design is to combine floral imagery with text. This could include overlaying text on a floral background or intertwining text with floral designs. Either way this can make for a bold statement design as part of the above the fold content on your website. This is the part of the screen that loads first and is visible to the website user, or potential customers or client, without scrolling down. Imagery and text is often used here and choosing a floral theme can be very effective for establishing your company branding, directing attention, and setting the colour scheme.

Using text that is filled or patterned with floral imagery in web design

Another alternative is to use text outlines that are filled with either floral patterns or designs. This can be a good way to combine floral typography with other imagery or content above the fold to add additional important information that can enhance your website.

What are the benefits of floral typography in web design?

There are a number of advantages and benefits to choosing floral typography for the landing page above the fold content. These advantages include:

  • Drawing attention – the floral design of the typography can help to capture the interest and intrigue of your potential customers and clients who are more likely to notice and absorb your message and pay closer attention to your website on the whole.
  • Establishing company branding- floral design typography can be useful for establishing your brand persona and for showcasing your branding itself. This will be the first thing that website users see and so using the right colour scheme and style of imagery for your floral typography can help male your website more recognisable and help build a brand connection and identity.

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