The internet is such an exciting, vast and evolving entity that there are lots of questions worth asking. From website design layouts to GDPR, and from email servers to blog content, here are some of the things we get asked about…

To answer this there is a lot that we need to understand. With this in mind it’s always best to give us a call in the first instance for a quick, informal chat. We’ll ask questions such as:

  • What line of business are you in?
  • What will your new website do for your business?
  • Do you have a website already?
  • Roughly how many pages do you imagine your new website will have?
  • Is there any specific functionality that your new website will need? Shopping carts or quote calculators for example?
  • Are you interested in Google search positions?
  • Will you require assistance moving forward?
  • Are there any websites that you really like or reflect what you’re hoping to achieve?

Once we understand a bit more about your goals and ambitions, we can provide an accurate quote.

We design and develop websites using WordPress exclusively these days. You might say that we are WordPress experts. WordPress is highly functional, customisable and indexable by Google. It is a great platform on which to scale up your web content, increasing online exposure and improving Google positions along the way.

There are loads of extensions to the core WordPress platform too. From shopping cart solutions such as Woocommerce, to back up and security tools, WordPress (in our humble opinion) really is the best option for most small to medium sized businesses.

We’ll never take on a web design project unless we feel that we are the right team for the job. We will have already had a good chat about our strengths and weaknesses (Yes weaknesses. We don’t pretend to be the best at everything), and your goals and business objectives. Between us we will have already agreed that we are a perfect match. We’ll also have received and understood your full brief including designs you like, your key competitors and your unique selling points, so we’ll have a great overview to work from.

We’ll provide you with a link to your new website on our development server too, so that you can monitor the progress as we move along, providing feedback along the way whilst resting assured that everything is moving in the right direction. Nothing is ever set in stone, everything is digital and amendable. We always hit the mark so long as we communicate well as two businesses working together.

All websites are designed with all device types in mind. We use perfectly responsive WordPress themes as standard, and in some cases (where appropriate) even create unique designs for mobile.

The short answer to this is “no”. We will only work with WordPress themes from theme developers that we know and trust. Some WordPress themes are restrictive, unsupported and erroneous. We’ll never begin a project unless we know that the foundations are robust.

All of this is not to say that we can’t achieve your goals. Our chosen tools are super customisable and flexible enough to meet even the most particular of design concepts and business objectives.

If you do have lots of emails already set up with a hosting provider somewhere, we always suggest that you keep them there, rather than having to reconfigure all your email software. If you’re simply looking for a new website, we can host your website alone, leaving your existing domains and emails untouched. There are options here, best to have a chat with us about it.

Definitely. If you have social profiles for your business (which you should) we love to integrate them with your website. From simple icons which link to your social platform, to live feeds or interactive buttons, we love to get your social stuff into your website somehow.

Contracts are very important in this industry so that we all know where we stand, who’s responsible for what and what’s expected of everyone. So “yes”. Our agreement doesn’t contain any complicated legal jargon, it simply outlines exactly what’s going to happen, what costing are involved (based on previous discussions) and what’s covered as far as hosting and web support are concerned. If you’re hiring us to arrange hosting and provide support moving forward, there is a minimum 12 month contract period. We hope that we will have proven our worth as your digital marketing agency within that time.

You might think that once your website has been designed and developed, you’re unlikely to make changes to it much. So do you really need support? Regardless of whether or not you intend to alter the content or design of your website much, you’ll still need to take regular backups of your website, run WordPress updates, theme updates and plugin updates. You may need to rectify any issues that occur as a result of updating something. From time to time, you website may even need repairing completely! All of this is very daunting stuff to many of our clients, which is why we charge for support.

Our web support model has evolved over 9 years of working with small to medium sized business, designed to give peace of mind and the opportunity to have someone on board that can help move the website forward.