Established in 2009 Pumpkin Web Design Manchester has built our incredible reputation and 5 star reviews through, quite simply, delivering measurable results for our clients. Everything we do is focussed on business growth, rather than reports, facts and figures. Those are nice, but business is better. We work exceptionally hard to keep our clients, communicating in a down to earth and jargon free fashion along the way, always with a view to delivering upon your unique expectations.

John has been working with small and medium sized businesses on design and marketing for well over 20 years now. Over the years John must have racked up well over 500 website designs, and learned a heck of a lot about delivering results for clients of all kinds. An absolute guru with WordPress, Photoshop, SEO, UX and business, John takes the lead on all things relating to business growth through design and SEO.

Need to talk about something a bit more technical? Website caching, content delivery networks (CDN), SSL’s, servers or IT? Bri’s the guy! Naturally technically minded and with far more patience for that type of thing than John, Bri will be happy to help with any technical query that our clients might have. Bri is also a skilled music producer and mastering engineer don’t you know?

If you don’t already know, great digital marketing is all about great content. Meet Ash, our brilliant researcher and writer of valuable marketable content. Tech addict, web geek and comic book fanatic, Ash also looks after much of the social network services which we provide inline with our client’s requirements. Ash is highly skilled in producing content which will drive traffic and encourage interaction.

A digital agency Manchester can be proud of

The internet is a vast and constantly evolving (not to mention utterly brilliant) marketing tool, a whole world of opportunity in which there is always something new to learn. We don’t profess that we know it all, but you can bet your bottom dollar that we’re always working hard to stay on top of our game. From changes in Google’s algorithm and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), to the latest good practice in social advertising, we want to learn about it first. If a new technique works for us, we can confidently apply our latest techniques to our client projects, Always good practice, never spammy or black hat.

Did you know?

Brian and John and have known each other since they were both little teenagers? A lot of our clients say that they feel part of an almost family environment when coming to see us. Come and join the fun. We really would love to hear from you. A quick chat is a great place to start in tackling your digital marketing requirements. Why not give John and Bri a call today for a friendly and informal chat about what you would like to achieve online? Remember, we will never embark upon a web design, SEO or marketing project unless we feel that we are the perfect partner for your business. If we’re not we’ll be able to provide some great advice at the very least, and point you in the right direction..