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Contrary to popular belief, great social media success is not about huge numbers of likes, follows or subscribes. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not a bad thing to have a huge following on the social networks, but always keep focussed on encouraging interaction above growing your audience.

Your target audience is definitely on social media. But why are they there?

It’s important to remember why your prospects visit social networks. Is it to hear how Pumpkin Web Design have produced another great website this week?; or how your business is running a great new special offer today only? – nope! In fact, endless self promotion of business is the opposite of why people frequent social media websites. Your prospects are there for fun, social interaction with friends and peers, usually when they have a bit of free time and want some fast entertainment.

Pro Tip on social networks

The demographic of each social network is very different. Research the demographics to help you select and deliver content which is on-point with the audience.

The content which you publish on your social platforms will be far better received if it actually adds some value to the lives of your target market.

In other words, rather than frantically self promoting your business on Facebook (which to be frank, nobody really cares about) – focus on producing content which your audience may actually find useful. If you are a kitchen fitter for example, produce some content about “making the most space in a small kitchen”. Content which can be used, enjoyed and shared by your potential customers.

Become a valuable contributor to the lives of your target audience.

Or, aim to produce something fun or funny about your industry. Whatever it is you do, just remember that social interaction is far more important and valuable then just likes and follows.

There are loads of ways that we can help with your social media marketing. From the production of great written content, to engaging viral video production services, we are (at the very least) a great team to chat with about social media.

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Really like working with these two guys, they never make you feel like youre an IT idiot (I am !) and they are really helping to take my business forward, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

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The website is performing very well, consistently around 300 users per week. We have been extremely busy!

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