If you want your audience to know what your company is all about, you need a video. Honestly, we have spent years developing websites with impeccable design and top functionality. But whenever we throw embedded video into the mix, the results speak for themselves. Our clients have repeatedly confirmed that adding a video to a website really makes a big difference to sales and enquiries. So why not show off your talents, and boost your sales while you’re at it?

A top notch video production and video marketing service.

Here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we can provide a top notch video production and video marketing service that will really set your company apart. Our video production services give our clients a platform on which to effectively deliver a message, improve their business profile, build trust and increase the time on which their website visitors stay on their website. Great for Google rankings!


Video in web design is an explosive marketing tool. If the added sales and enquiries aren’t enough to sway you, you should consider the whole host of additional advantages. Embedded video on your website can help you get across some company personality. It’s so much easier to show off who you are with a video, rather than a block of text. And this can also help you to build trust with your potential customers.

At the same time, embedded video can show off your professional skills. Whether you’re a coffee shop owner, or a local plumber, video content can show your customers what you can offer. This is so much more effective than text. Embedded video can also be a feature of your web design. Some great responsive web design techniques use hero video, and this can make your website really stand out, on all platforms and devices.


Video can make all the difference to your success online. Just give us a call, and we can discuss your ideas for corporate video content. And we’ll share our own ideas too. If you’d like to move ahead, we can schedule a time and date suitable for filming. This needs to be a time that is suitable for you, when everything you want to be filmed is available and free. For example, if you want to film in your office or workplace, you might need to inform your staff and employees beforehand, and shut down early for the day. Alternatively, you might want to bring in a client for a testimonial video. So they also need to be available. When we arrive for filming, we will need everything to be ready and prepared.

On the day, we’ll arrive promptly and arrange everything as necessary. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything, and give directions where needed. The filming itself can take a good few hours, so you might want to put aside half a day for this. After we’re done, we’ll head back to the office and edit the footage. Once everything is prepared, we’ll send it to you to watch. And if you’re not happy, we’ll make any changes and amendments. Then that’s it! Your video will be ready for sharing on social media, via email, and ready to be added to your website.