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Advantages of effective space management for content heavy websites

Creating a website that balances the content you need to provide, with functionality, branding and visual design, is a crucial part of web design for companies and businesses of all sizes. But for companies with a lot of information to share, striking the right balance can be difficult. This is where space management becomes important. […]

Advantages of a well designed contact page

Designing an effective, practical and visual website is an important consideration for any company. But the contact page is often overlooked. This is the page that outlines or lists all of the contact information for your company or business. But with contact information often appearing in the header, navigation bar or the footer, this page […]

The importance of correct typography spacing in web design

Written content in web design is essential for getting your message across, and delivering important information about your company, products or services. As such, it is important that this written content is easy to read and especially to scan or skim read, on all devices and screen sizes. This means special consideration needs to be […]

Different purposes for effective website popups

web design manchester

Popups in web design are something that most of your website users will not like, but will tolerate when necessary, or in small doses. From the cookie popup, to the notifications popup, when your website first loads, your website users might have to deal with at least two initial popups. But these will usually be […]

Web design features for business to consumer companies

In our latest blog we explored the design features for business to business company websites. So, let’s take a look at business to consumer company websites. These are companies that are directly aiming to sell to the consumer. But what are the important web design features for business to consumer companies? Well, here at Pumpkin […]

Important web design features for business to business companies

Business facing companies are those that aim to sell products or provide services to other businesses. This can be industry specific, or cover a range of industries. But how can web design differ for these businesses? And what are the important web design features for business to business companies? Well, here at Pumpkin Web Design […]