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Designing a landing page for micro-moments

web design manchester

From finding out about a latest product, to making a purchase, finding something to do, or somewhere to go, your users have a purpose for their searching. And there’s a reason why they landed on your website. Once they do load your website, they expect to find the answers they are looking immediately. And this […]

Script fonts and company branding

When choosing the right typography for your website, especially for headers and titles, you will want to choose something that fits with the rest of your web design, as well as your company branding. Script fonts can be a great choice for some companies, as these are full of personality and character, that can truly […]

The role of stock images in web design

web design manchester

When designing any website, imagery and visual references are essential. From landscape photography, to video content, the images of your team or staff, or even unique illustrations and animations, imagery can cover a lot of bases in web design. And while most companies understand the importance of using professional quality imagery, they can often mistake […]

Web design, the conversion ratio and the bounce rate

web design manchester

Building a stunning website, that also performs well, is only the first half of the battle for web design. You also need to be consistently measuring your web design performance. And this involves analyzing any data you collect, regarding user interaction. The way that users interact with and use your website, will provide some helpful […]

Important functional elements for mobile web design

While effective web design in general is a top priority for any mobile website, there are some functional tools and elements that are absolutely crucial for success. Users on your mobile website are likely to have different behaviour patterns to those browsing on a desktop or laptop, and are in general, looking for something in […]

Animated images versus static images in web design

Whether your company sells a range of products, or provides important services, your website will need to grab attention, and encourage your website users, and your potential customers, to make a purchase, or sign up for a consultation or appointment. This is no easy feat, and involves a range of well designed website features working […]

Designing an effective search bar for your website

Pumpkin Web Design Manchester

When thinking about all the key features of your website, you might be surprised to consider the search bar as a high priority. In a recent blog we looked at the rise of conversational web design, and what this means for your website. And as part of conversational design, which is all about answers users […]