Advantages of user centred web design

Designing a website that converts users into customers or clients is the main aim of any company online. By focusing design attention on the interests and requirements of your website users, this can be achieved. But what is user centred design? And what are the advantages of user centred web design? What is user centred […]

Benefits of effective website branding for UX design

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When it comes the User Experience (UX) there are a lot of design decisions and considerations that play an important role. Especially when focusing on UX in web design and development. From the layout and the visual design features, to the functional design of buttons and simplicity of forms, there areĀ  a number of things […]

Important features for any hotel website

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Different types of businesses, in different industries, will require a different type of website altogether. From eCommerce sites selling a range of products, to hotels offering rooms and packages, there are different categories of web design for different business types. So what makes a good hotel website? And what are the most important features for […]

Pre-launch web design checklist

Before you launch your new website, and the associated company branding, it’s important to make sure you get everything right. Once your website is up and running, any potential customers landing on your page will make instant judgments about not only your website, but also your company as a whole. And if you don’t create […]

Advantages of using mono-gradients in web design

Colour schemes in web design are one of the most important and influential design choices. The colour scheme will effect every aspect of your website, from the usability and readability, to the overall visual appearance. And any colours used should be part of your company branding. As a result, choosing the right colours, to create […]

Important considerations for accessibility in web design

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Creating a stunning website that can be enjoyed and used by all users, should be the aim of every web designer. Unfortunately, too often the term “all users” is forgotten and missed out completely. But making your website available to everyone, doesn’t have to be too complicated. Web Design and accessibility Web design and accessibility […]

What is the role of a website landing page?

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When designing a new website, or redesigning your existing one, the landing page is one of the most important considerations. This is the page that your users are likely to land on first, especially if they click though from an advertisement, or your social media profile. As a result, its this page that will help […]