Advantages of using mono-gradients in web design

Colour schemes in web design are one of the most important and influential design choices. The colour scheme will effect every aspect of your website, from the usability and readability, to the overall visual appearance. And any colours used should be part of your company branding. As a result, choosing the right colours, to create the perfect result, can be a real challenge. Using colour gradients has been a popular and effective way to combine two colours as part of the the web design, but what if you only want to use one colour? Well, this is where mono-gradients are particularly useful. So what is a mono-gradient? And what do you need to know about using mono-gradients in web design?

What are mono-gradients in web design?

Mono-gradients involve using different shades of the same colour, or very similar tones and saturation’s of two very similar colours (like green and blue or red and purple). This can have incredibly subtle fading effects that are difficult to notice explicitly, or a mono-gradient theme can have a more distinct fade effect.

What are the considerations for using mono-gradients in web design?

There are a number of different ways to use mono-gradients in web design, including:

  • Background colours- this is the most common way to use any colour gradient for web design, and involves using the colour gradient as a website background. This can be very helpful, as any subtle, or well defined, colour changes can draw attention to key design features such as the call to action button or important text based content.
  • Accent colour- using a mono-gradient as an accent colour can be incredibly visually effective for some website features. While for others, the effect may be lost or not noticeable enough. For most minimalist websites, you can be sure that this will have a positive, striking effect.
  • Gradient overlays- using a mono-gradient as an overlay for images or typography, or even for content cards can be very effective. However, this needs to not distract from the important content, or take attention away from key areas.
  • Illustrations- using mono-gradients to colour or create your illustrations is a great way to really draw attention to these and add an unusual effect that is sure to grab the attention of your website users.

What are the advantages of mono-gradients in web design?

There are several advantages to choosing mono-gradients in web design. These include:

  • Professional results- often a mono-gradient can be more effective than a general colur gradient because of the subtlety of design, and the colour choice This leads to a more professional result.
  • Improved readability- with a mono-gradient, the text can be easier to read than when using a general colour gradient, because of the subtlety colour changes.

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