Using animated typography in web design

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Effective web design is essential for creating a website that really stands out, amplifies your company branding, and creates a positive user experience. And one of the most important spaces for setting the tone of your website is the above the fold content. This is the part of the screen, on mobile or on desktop websites, that is visible before the user scrolls down the page. So this is what any potential customers will see first. As a result, there are many different web design trends and techniques used to try and make this area memorable, attention grabbing, and informative. And one of these trends includes using animated typography. So what should you consider when using animated typography in web design?

How can you use animated typography above the fold?

There are a number of different ways to use animated typography above the fold, including:

  • Text that appears one word at a time
  • Text that scrolls or changes at a regular time period
  • Text that is highlighted in different colours at different times

What should you consider when using animated typography in web design?

There are several things you should consider when using animated typography above the fold in web design. These considerations include:

  • Typography style- if your typography will be animated, it is more important than ever to choose the right style of font. Some typography styles can be easier to read than others, especially when moving around. Sans serif fonts, are font types that do now use any flourishes or swirls, and these can be the most effective typography style for this type of use.
  • Responsive design- it is important that whatever type of typography you choose, and whichever animation type you opt for, that this works effectively across all devices, including mobile devices of varying screen sizes. This can be difficult to get right, as typography styles can be more difficult to read on a small screen, without adding in the element of animation. However, when you get this right, the content can really be effective, driving sales and sign ups.
  • Speed- if you are using an animation style that causes the text to scroll, move or appear and disappear at different points, one of the most important considerations is the speed or timing of this movement. Too fast and your users may not have time to read it, and too slow and they may not realise it will change, or wait around for this to happen. Experiment with different speeds, and choose the right option for your target audience.

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