Important features for any hotel website

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Different types of businesses, in different industries, will require a different type of website altogether. From eCommerce sites selling a range of products, to hotels offering rooms and packages, there are different categories of web design for different business types. So what makes a good hotel website? And what are the most important features for any hotel website?

What are the important features for any hotel website?

There are several features of any hotel website that are incredibly important for securing bookings and sign-ups, and ensuring that your website visitors leave with a professional and impressive opinion of your company as a whole. These features include:

  • Simple and practical forms
  • Clear company branding
  • Professional imagery

Simple and practical forms

From poorly designed forms that ask for too much information, to forms that are not well designed to be used on mobile devices, and miss out sections or the edges of input boxes, online forms can be a nightmare for users. But for hotel websites, these are an absolutely essential tool, for a number of purposes, including:

  • Finding room availability for specific dates
  • Filling in payment details and personal information
  • Filling in sign up forms for discounts and email marketing

Because of this important role played by online forms, it is essential to make sure that your online forms:

  • Ask for specific information that is relevant to the booking- only taking the key details makes booking easier and simpler for the website users, and this will improve the user experience, and increase the opportunity for sales and bookings.
  • Design forms that are responsive- as with the rest of your website content, your online forms should be well designed to appear professionally, and perfectly, on any mobile device. With more users than ever before accessing online content from a mobile, responsive design is more important than ever.
  • Include error capture- if a user enters incorrect details, or makes an error, point this out. Don’t leave users to hunt for their own mistakes, as they are equally likely to simply leave completely.
  • Fill in examples- it can be helpful to use a very pale font to fill in example answers in each online form field. This helps users understand what is requested of them.

Clear company branding

For any website, company branding is essential. But for a hotel, clear company branding is even more important. Not only are users choosing to use your services, they are also planning to stay overnight at your establishment. And as such, your website needs to present your brand persona clearly, and help to build trust with your potential customers/guests.

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