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Category Archives: web design

Advantages and disadvantages of vertical navigation bars

lady writing to Pumpkin Web Design Manchester

Designing an effective website means balancing the stylish, with the practical. And nowhere is this balance more important than the navigation bar or menu. This is the tool that users will use to navigate to the pages they want to go to. And find the information they need. Being able to do this, in less […]

Mobile first indexing guide update and web design

Google’s mobile first update was rolled out way back in 2018. But just this week, Google have announced changes to the mobile first indexing developers guide, which highlights some key design and technical steps that web developers should be taking, to secure the strongest ranking position and subsequent portion of the organic search traffic. So […]

Considerations for creative web design

web design manchester

When you brows the web, one thing you may notice is that many of the websites you visit use a similar layout, colour palette, or overall design style. From social media platforms, to large e-commerce sites, there are numerous design similarities between companies in similar industries. This is because there are several tried and tested […]

Pre-launch web design checklist

Before you launch your new website, and the associated company branding, it’s important to make sure you get everything right. Once your website is up and running, any potential customers landing on your page will make instant judgments about not only your website, but also your company as a whole. And if you don’t create […]

Advantages of rounded rectangle call to action buttons

web design manchester

When it comes to web design, there are a number of key design decisions that are incredibly important for the overall aesthetic, as well as the practical functionality. The call to action buttons are one of the most important features of any website, especially for the landing or home pages. One of the biggest trends […]

Breaking the basic rules of web design

web design manchester

When designing any website or online presence, it’s important to stick to the basic web design principles, and do extensive research before making even the most basic web design choices. From the colours you combine, to the typography you choose, even the simple web design choices can have a large impact on the success of […]

Designing a “coming soon” page for pre-launch marketing

If you’re launching your company or business online, and your website isn’t quite completed yet, you might consider designing a “coming soon” page for pre-launch marketing. This can be a great way to reach more people, and generate interest in your products or services, before you even open. But creating a page that has the […]

Using narrow fonts in web design

web design manchester

In recent years, the trend for typography has emphasized the saying that bigger is better. From wide, bold text, to unique typography, text used, especially above the fold, is generally large and wide. But narrow fonts, otherwise known as condensed typography, can be equally as effective when used appropriately. But what is a narrow font? […]