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Category Archives: web design

Barriers to effective web design UX

lady writing to Pumpkin Web Design Manchester

In terms of web design, one of the most important considerations for any design or functionality option should be the user experience (UX). With anywhere between 60 and 80% of shopping carts abandoned on eCommerce websites, and more than 90% of users abandoning websites that cause frustration or problems, user experience should be the primary […]

Top typography predictions for 2020

Website typography is as fluid and ever evolving as any other aspect of web design. And this means that typography trends and patterns are regularly changing and developing. But there are some typography trends that are sure to be popular, and incredibly effective, throughout 2020. So what are the top typography predictions for 2020? And […]

Top website navigation design trends of 2019

web design manchester

2020 is looming on the horizon, and so we are taking a look back at the different web design trends 2019 had to offer. From typography, to navigation, web design trends emerge, gather momentum and then eventually fade into obscurity. Although there are always some exceptions that stick around longer than anticipated. So what were […]

Website colour trends of 2019

When it comes to web design, one of the first decisions you will make is usually the colour scheme. From clear cut company colours, that will work well online, to complete re-brands, there can be pre-existing requirements for your website colour scheme. But for many businesses, the whole range of colour choice is available. So […]