Web design to increase conversions

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When it comes to succeeding online, your website needs to turn interested website visitors, into paying customers. After all, what’s the point in having a popular and busy website, if nobody ever pays for your services, or signs up to your mailing list? And while this might be, in part, down to your great content and marketing skills, it is also heavily influenced by your web design skills. Here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we are Manchester’s leading web design experts. We work with a range of companies and businesses across a range of industries and sectors, to provide top quality web design solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to web design to increase conversions.

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Web design isn’t just about making your website functional and fairly attractive. Although that should be part of it. Web design is also about subtly guiding your customers through the buying or signing up process, in a way that is simple and straight-forward. If your landing pages aren’t converting customers, your web design could be to blame.

As the experts, we at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, have put together these tips for web design to increase conversions.

Web design to increase conversions

Pay attention to Hick’s Law

British psychologist, William Edmund Hick, stated that there is a direct relationship between the time it takes for an individual to make a decision, and the number of possible decisions available. So the less choices you give your web users on a single page, the quicker and easier it will be for them to make a decision.

This means that on a landing page, that should be converting customers, keep your options simple. One button to prompt them to “Buy now” or “Get in touch” is drastically easier for your users to follow. And the simpler you can make their web experience, the better.

The Rule of Thirds

Although this is a photography and video production principle, it still applies in web design. After all, it’s all about how something visual is presented, and websites should be incredibly visual.

For the rule of thirds, you need to visually divide the web page into thirds, both vertically and horizontally for nine equal squares.

The four middle intersections, are where your most important elements should be positioned, according to this rule. That’s because they are strategic places of interest, and it’s where your viewers eye will be directed.

As a result, if you want your users to click through to the contact form, or to buy your product, you need to place your call to action button in one of these areas. This will draw your users attention to the call to action, and encourage them to click through.

Consider the negative space

Whitespace, or space around or in between your elements is known as negative space. This is essential for good web design, as it keeps all your elements in their own compartment, which makes it easy to read. Without the negative space between elements, your website would not be readable, or usable, and it would look terrible.

If you want to convert more traffic, you need to make sure your elements are well positioned, and your website is legible. Also, if you want to really emphasize your call to action, don’t be afraid to use more negative space. Although this might sound bizarre, actually placing your button in an area of negative space will draw more attention to it.

Use contrasting colours

While the colour scheme of the website may be determined by the company branding, you need to use the colours in a way that makes certain elements stand out. In terms of converting more customers, this is essential for your call to action button.

Your call to action button needs to stand out from the rest of the page, so that when you squint at your page, the button is still obvious. And using a contrasting colour can help you achieve this.

In summary

While web marketing is responsible for the content of your page, your website visitors won’t stick around long enough to read it, if your website design is not up to scratch. At the same time, you need to convert your visitors, and this can be influenced by your web design. Web design to increase conversions can include reducing the choices, using effective colours and negative space, as well as sticking to the rule of thirds.

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