Advantages of Z layouts in web design

The colours, the imagery, and the typography are all crucial elements of any website, and are some of the most important web design considerations. But the layout should always be the first web design decision you make. From hero header areas, to modular layouts, grids and even split screen design, thee are a number of web design layouts that can be used effectively for any type of website, in any industry. And choosing the right layout can be make or break for your company or business online. One of the popular layout choices is the Z pattern. But what is this? And what are the advantages of Z layouts in web design? Well, here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we are Manchester’s leading web design and web marketing experts. We work with companies and businesses across the North West, from Southport to Wigan, to provide effective, and successful web design solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about Z layouts in web design.

What are Z layouts in web design?

Z layouts are a great way to draw user attention across and down the page, so that they notice key, important details. This works by following the pattern that users in the UK usually read with. If you break it down, this looks like:

  • Scanning across from the top left to the top right
  • Then from the top right down to the left hand side underneath
  • Then back from left to right again.

If you were to draw a line between these movements, you would have created a Z shape on the page.

With a Z layout design, you can use this familiar route, and place significant or important pieces of website/company information, or key design features along these lines.

Using Z layouts in web design

To really make use of Z layouts in web design, you should:

  • Add the main information or elements that you want viewers to see first along the horizontal top line. This is why headers are often positioned here, as it means that any potential customer can find the logo and contact details of the company immediately. This is perfect if you are a service provider or an eCommerce company.
  • Features important information on the diagonal line. This can be the heading or a small piece of text about what you can offer customers or clients. Or it could be an image, a piece of video content, or a larger piece of written content, depending on your website style.
  • Use the CTA along the lower horizontal line to encourage click throughs, sales and sign ups immediately.

What are the advantages of Z layouts in web design?

There are several benefits to using this design pattern in web design. These include:

  • Working as part of multiple layout options. The Z layout can be applied easily to a split screen layout, a grid layout or even a minimalist website. So you can apply the above rules, as part of a different overall web design layout
  • You can easily direct the attention of the customer/client by using the natural lines used for reading. This means more of your content will be read and understood, increasing clarity and interest for potential new customers or clients.

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