Advantages of adding geometry to web design

Shape in any form of design has always been a key consideration. But with recent web design trends including an increasing number of geometric elements and styles, this has become increasingly important. But why should businesses consider adding geometry to web design? And what are the different ways that this can be achieved effectively? Well, here at Pumpkin We Design Manchester, we have some specific web design techniques to reduce bounce rate, and help your business grow. As Manchester’s leading web design experts, we provide high quality, effective, web design solutions for a range of local companies and businesses across Manchester, and the surrounding area. This includes Blackburn and Stockport. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about web design and geometric elements.

What are the advantages of adding geometry to web design?

Geometric design can be an effective choice for your website for a number of reasons, including:

  • Attracting attention to key pieces of content and information
  • Creating a unique and effective visual feature for your company branding
  • Creating a website background that has texture through overlapping geometric patterns
  • Design trend that is effective for all styles of web design, and all manner of company personas

How can you include geometry in your web design?

There are a number of ways to add geometry to your website. These include:

  • Creating header imagery with geometry- whether you create a stunning image using real photography, or you create a unique geometric illustration or animation, geometric content above the fold is sure to be eye-catching, unusual and it will help to define your brand. It’s important to consider the colours used, and these must always relate to your company branding. You should also consider a layering effect to add texture too.
  • Using geometric typography- geometric typography can be outline fonts filled with geometric shapes for a care free, fun and effective way to show off your quirky company persona. Or you can design unique typography where the shape of each letter is designed individually to create a geometric design. This works more effectively for more serious businesses.
  • Using shapes for icon backgrounds- using different shapes for your different website icon backgrounds can be effective, as long as the icon itself remains easy to see and understand universally. You could consider using contrasting colours to help the icon itself stand out.
  • Creating geometric website elements- instead of using rectangular cards, or a regular grid layout to box off different pieces of your visual and written content, why not use a broader range of tessellating shapes instead. From hexagons to triangles, there are a number of different shapes that can work very well to create a unique an visually appealing design.

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