Creating a website that builds consumer trust

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From big data concerns relating to the huge tech giants of Amazon, Facebook, and Google, to the small time scammers who use fake websites to steal information, the online world is becoming increasingly less trustworthy. And this is something that more and more consumers are becoming aware of. As a result, any eCommerce site, or company or business building a brand online, needs to overcome this initial barrier, and build trust, before any sales or sign ups can be made. So what are the important considerations when creating a website that feels genuine? And how can you be sure that your website can help build consumer trust? Well here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we are Manchester’s leading web design experts. We work across Manchester and the North West, including Blackburn and Chorley to provide the perfect web design solutions tailored to your businesses requirements.  And this is our guide to everything you should know about designing a website that feels genuine, and builds consumer trust.

What are the important considerations for creating a website that builds consumer trust?

There are several things you can add to your website to help build trust with users, and prove that you are a genuine, professional company. But these need to be designed and implemented effectively for the best possible results. You should consider:

  • Including client testimonials- Potential customers are more likely to be swayed by real customer reviews. But in general, including a quote on your website wont be enough. Too often these can simply be fabricated for effect. For the best results, link your social media reviews and recommendations, or those from third party sites like Trust Pilot. Or even upload video testimonials from your previous customers directly to your website. This adds value to the review and makes your whole website feel more trustworthy.
  • Include your address- Many scam websites can be discovered through the lack of a physical address on the website, or through the use of a fake address and other contact details. So to hep your website appeal to all customers, and build trust, make sure your contact details are easy to see/find, preferably on the landing page. And even include a Google Maps link to help people get directions straight to your door.
  • Keep your “About us” page up to date- including a company story page, or an about us page is a great way to build trust. But if you’ve been operating for several years, and you haven’t updated the content, this could be seen as a red flag by your potential customers or clients. Make sure this updated regularly, with new images of your staff/head-shots, and new content to keep building that level of trust.
  • Effective overall web design- finally, if your website is simple to use, designed with a professional touch and fully functional, your customers will be much more inclined to trust your company. Good web design tends to show users that your company is completely trustworthy and reliable.

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