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How Gift Up! made our job simple

girl enjoying botox and lip filler offers

Here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we provide a range of top quality web design services to companies and businesses across Manchester and the North West. And to make sure we can provide a full range of solutions, we sometimes need to use third party services or plugins. One that we frequently recommend is Gift Up! This is a simple and easy way to sell gift cards for your company, on your website. So whether your company is a beauty salon, a restaurant, or a spa, website users can purchase gifts for others, just with the click of a button. But why is Gift Up! so great? And why do we highly recommend it?

gift up

What was our challenge?

Our client, an aesthetics clinic which provides services such as lip fillers and anti wrinkle injections) needed a solution which would help them:

  1. motivate clients to visit the clinic for the first time
  2. encourage clients to introduce friends to the clinic
  3. create customer loyalty
  4. encourage clients to leave reviews online

You can see Gift Up! installed on our client’s website here.

Gift Up! gave us the opportunity to implement a system which encouraged website visitors to sign up for a gift card, which in turn allows our client to incentivise clients of their own to take action in exchange for top up credit on their gift cards. If you are a salon owner, operate a clinic, a barbers or any similar service provider, we highly recommend that you check it out!

What else did Gift Up! did for us

Working with Gift Up! is great for loads of reasons, including:

  • Gift Up! helped us find a fast, efficient solution – when you’re tweaking things on WordPress all day, coming across a simple to install, perfectly designed third party service is rare. But that’s what we experienced with Gift Up! To get it up and running took around 5 minutes! And to give you an idea of why this is such a plus point, to implement this type of integration ourselves, across our range of client websites, would usually take a number of hours work, if not days. So the time we saved using Gift Up! gave us way more time to concentrate on all the other important parts of our clients websites, so that they could be up and running, ahead of schedule!
  • We designed custom gift cards with Gift Up! – With Gift Up! we found full flexibility for the design of the gift card. We could simply choose a design template and edit this to include the logo and business name of our client, or we could totally design our own. This kind of flexibility is great on a client by client basis, as on occasions where the extensive range of design templates didn’t meet requirements, we had the option to quickly and easily design our own instead. This meant we could go above and beyond with our professional customer service, thanks to Gift Up!
  • Gift Up! handles all the automated responses – automated emails and responses for orders are a key expectation that many website users have. And meeting expectations is a great way to help any business grow. But setting up these automated responses can be really time consuming, and pulls us away from all the other important design details. The great thing about using Gift Up! is that all the automated responses are taken care of. Your customer will receive an email after ordering, or it can be sent to the recipient on a scheduled date. Either way, the user can choose the best option for them, and we don’t need to worry about it.
  • Gift Up! is really practical – the final step we needed to consider when offering gift cards for our clients, was how can their customers use them to pay? But again, Gift Up! already has that covered. Your customers can use the gift card in store, with the help of a free mobile app. Or they can use them to pay online. This flexibility means that Gift Up! is a really practical and straight forward addition for our clients to expand their websites, and make more sales. 

Here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester we’ve loved working with Gift Up! for the simplicity and the security of the whole process.