Web design considerations to increase conversions

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Here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we are Manchester’s leading web design experts. We work with companies and businesses across the North West region, from Southport to Wigan to provide effective web design solutions. This includes creating websites designed to increase the number of conversions. Whether its people buying your products, or signing up to your services, we can create a stunning website that can help your company beat the conversion targets. As a result, we have produced this guide to Increasing conversions through web design.

What are the most important web design considerations to increase conversions?

Web design has a big impact on the actions of your website visitors. From guiding users to your latest product, to driving them off your site completely, the choices you make regarding web design, will have consequences. So if your website is aiming to increase conversions, what should it include? Well, here are our top tips for increasing conversions through web design:

  • User requirements- know your user requirements. What do users want when they land on your website? And how can you effectively provide this for them? Many users want answers or solutions immediately. So you need to consider this first, when designing your website.
  • Keep the web design simple- a simple web design with plenty of whitespace, easy to read text, and stunning images is far more useful for your website users than a website that is crammed full of information. Give your users only one thing to focus on or read at a time, and they will be far more likely to follow your call to action button.
  • Use whitespace effectively- whitespace, or negative space in web design, is the space between each of your elements. If you want to direct attention to a particular feature of your website, you should consider increasing the whitespace. This can be very effective around a sign up form, or call to action button.
  • Consider your colour scheme- a call to action button that doesn’t leap of the page and grab attention is not very likely to be clicked on. But a call to action button that uses a colour that clashes with the rest of the page, is also not very effective. In fact, it can put users off altogether! So instead choose a tertiary colour for your web design that contrasts with your primary and secondary colours, but also fits in well. This will help the button stand out, while not looking out of place.
  • Be Responsive- make sure your whole website is responsive. And that your images and text respond appropriately to orientation changes and device sizes. Users that cant read your website, or click on your links, because of device compatibility issues, will not have a good impression of your company. And they definitely won’t be signing up or purchasing.
  • Use client testimonials- sometimes users aren’t purchasing from your company, or signing up to your services, because you haven’t earned their trust.  This makes it difficult for them to take a leap of faith in your company. Strategically placed client testimonial quotes or videos can really help to make your company seem more reputable.

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