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Is yellow the magic colour in web design?

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Creating a stylish and attractive website is all about balancing the practicalities with the creative visuals. Stunning typography for example, needs to be the right size for users on all devices. While professional images need to load quickly. This balance also extends to the colour combinations and patterns used in web design. Typically, your website should use three colours for different purposes across the website. And this year, it seems that yellow has been the colour of choice. So why choose yellow for your colour scheme? And is it really a good option? Well, here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we are Manchester’s leading web design experts. We work with a variety of companies and businesses across Manchester, and the North West, to deliver high quality web design solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide exploring the question: Is yellow the magic colour in web design?

Is yellow the magic colour in web design?

So, what is it with the yellow trend? And is yellow a good option? Well, here are some advantages:

  • yellow really stands out on a dark background- One of the reasons we have seen so much yellow this year is because of the increase in dark backgrounds for web design. From dark purples, to blues, black and grey, dark backgrounds have become increasingly popular. And this means that these dark colours need to be offset by something light, bright and cheerful. Yellow or gold, then becomes the perfect tertiary colour to draw attention to key features.
  • yellow is a positive colour- because yellow is a bright, cheerful colour, it can be a good colour to use for some elements of web design. Especially the tertiary colour that is often used for key features or elements that you want your users to be drawn to. The call to action button for example, or a heading. This is because the yellow colour can make your potential customers feel more positive about their interaction.
  • yellow also works well with white backgrounds- yellow is incredibly versatile. So it doesnt just work well on dark backgrounds, it also performs well with white backgrounds too. For a white background, you can chosoe a pastel/pale shade of yellow to belnd in, or a really bright sunshine yellow to stand out. Either way, yellow can be a successful colour choice.

But it’s not all sunshine!

There are some disadvantages to using yellow, and it won’t suit all web design options. The disadvantages include:

  • yellow can be an issue for people who are colourblind- yellow is a problem colour for people who are colour blind. And this means that while your tertiary colour yellow might really stand out, not everyone can benefit from it.
  • bright colours can be off-putting- using only yellow as your main bright colour is fine. But mixing this with other bright colours, can be a disaster. Too many colours can be distracting, and the effect can look chaotic, instead of well designed.

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