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Could website popups increase your conversions?

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When it comes to web design, we are Manchester’s leading experts here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester. We know how important it is for our clients to have a positive and influential presence online, to help their company grow. That’s why we offer a range of web design services and solutions, that always get results. But what about website popups? Well, adding popups to your website could be a recipe for disaster. Or, it could help increase your sales and sign ups. It’s all about design and placement. So, could website popups increase your conversions?

Could website popups increase your conversions?

Using popups could drive your visitors away by interrupting their browsing experience. If your popup is not easy to close, or dismiss, and is not relevant to your website visitors, the chances are your users will simply navigate away from your website.

However, if you design and plan your popups carefully, you could find an increase in sales and sign ups. For companies that sell products or services online, in particular, pop-ups can be an effective marketing tool. In fact, some research suggests that pop-ups can get an average click through rate of 3%! This is because popups:

  • Grab users attention- By interrupting the browsing experience, pop-ups definitely grab the attention of the user. In fact, you can’t really ignore them! So users will need to pay attention to what you are saying on a pop-up, and acknowledge this, before moving on.
  • Help reduce clutter on the screen- Popups can be incredibly effective at advertising special offers or rewards for singing up. If you wanted to advertise this, without using a popup, you would need to take up permanent header space on your website. Which could make the page look cluttered. And prevent users from finding the information they need. A popup can inform your users, without cluttering up the screen.

Designing popups for success

So, how can you make sure your popup is designed for success, and will not drive away your customers? Well, here are some key considerations:

  • make your offer exceptional- offering a small reward for signing up is not enough to spur on a rise in conversions. So use your popup space to advertise a deal that is worthwhile.
  • make sure your popup easy to close- this might seem counter-intuitive, as you want your website users to sign up, not close the window, but they might want to spend more time browsing, before they decide. And if they feel they are locked in a popup that won’t close, they will simply close your website altogether. Which is the worst possible outcome. Avoid this by making it easy for users to leave.
  • stick to the design script- your popup needs to look like part of your website, otherwise users might not recognize it in relation to your company. So use the same colour scheme, typography and styling to tie it all together.

For more information or advice about professional, quality web design, get in touch with Manchester’s experts today, here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester.