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Web design trends and developments for December

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Just because it’s the last month of the year, doesn’t mean that web design and developments are slowing down at all. In fact, lots of companies are making progressions now, ready for the New Year. And December can be the perfect month for trying out new designs, and new features, because there is generally more website traffic as people search for gift ideas. Here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we are Manchester’s leading web design professionals. From Southport to Wigan, we work with companies across the North West to deliver effective and stunning web design solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to web design trends and developments for December.

Web design trends and developments for December

So what will be hot in the web design world for this month? And is there anything your company could think about adapting? Well, let’s take a look at the trends. They include:

  • large visuals
  • stacked text
  • dark backgrounds

Large visuals

Large images are making a big comeback this month. But the hero image, is not the same as it once was. Instead of taking one large image for the above the fold content, this trend uses two or three smaller pictures arranged in a casual, overlapping collage. This adds texture and visual interest to the content and can be enough of a difference to persuade website users to pay more attention.

To use this for your website, choose professional quality images of your products or services, and make sure there is a common theme tying all of the images together. Colour can also be effective for this too.

Stacked text

With the letters and words matching up vertically, one on top of the other, stacked text is a great way to include more written content above the fold, while maintaining the same powerful presence that over sized headings show off. This is an effective design feature, and can really help your website to grab the attention of visitors, and also encourage them to read your text, instead of skipping right past.

If you think stacked text would be a good fit for your website, make sure:

  • you choose a font that is simple and easy to read, with no flourishes or loops
  • use words avoiding descenders, as these will fall into the line below and disrupt the visual flow
  • use the right amount of line spacing to make each word readable independently, but also look like part of the larger visual effect.

Dark backgrounds

Continuing form October’s trend for dark backgrounds, December is also seeing a lot of websites use dark backgrounds. Especially with yellow, and other bright colours, used to highlight key features and focal points. Black and grey, purples, blues and even dark greens are being used effectively to create a dramatic and stylish website.

To use a dark background successfully for your website, you should:

  • use more white-space around text to make it easier to read
  • use a larger font size for all of your text. This will help make the text stand out against the dark background

For more information or advice, get in touch with the experts today, here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester.