Mobile web design for engagement and conversions

Here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we are Manchester’s leading web design experts. From stunning visual websites, to responsive web design specifically for mobile, our web design skills know no limits. And now mobile users are overtaking desktop users, it has never been more important to re-consider your web design. And when it comes to mobile web design, you need to get it right. As a result, we have produced this guide to mobile web design for engagement and conversions.

Design for the small screen

While large desktop screens might encourage more creativity and flair, the small size of a mobile screen calls for practicality and usefulness. As a result, whenever we create a mobile website, we are aiming to cut out the visual clutter, and focus on what is important. This includes items like the call to action, and the interactive elements. In fact, before we begin the creation, we plan:

  • the location of the call to action buttons, their placement and colours, as well as the size
  • the type of interactive elements used and whether these are practical for a range of screen sizes and devices
  • the single column layout so that it make sense and is easy to follow

Consider the micro interactions

Micro interactions allow users to interact with your website, and receive immediate feedback. For example, a Facebook reaction is a great way to interact sporadically with a piece of content, and see your interaction make a change on screen, immediately. This kind of immediate reward makes interacting quick, simple, and straightforward. Scrolling can be a more interesting experience for your user if you add in some form of immediate reward or interest.

Simple Design

As mentioned above, mobile screens are small. So strip your design down to its basic elements and keep your design simple. However, you dont need to make it boring. It’s all about finding that balance between cluttered and calm. You need a certain amount of content or information to stand out, so dont clutter it up with unnecessary elements.

Fast to load

Loading times are more important than you might think. And with a recent speed update, Google has made it clear that websites that load quickly, will be ranked higher on mobile search. This can be difficult to adjust for, especially as users may be connecting with a weak 3G signal. So stripping down your design will help with the load speed. As will optimizing all your image and video files.

Content for Mobile Devices

You need to really craft your content, with mobile devices in mind. This is because long rambling sentences wont look right, and wont read well on a small screen. Instead, you need to be breaking down the content into small chunks that can be easily digested within a short period of time. Remember, your mobile users are no doubt multi-tasking while reading your website. So your content needs to be structured and organised in a way that is clear and easy to follow.


Navigating your mobile website needs to be a simple task, not one that takes a lot of thought. This means designing your menus and links carefully, categorizing content so that it is easy for users to find what they need.

Mobile web design for engagement and conversions

When it comes to mobile web design for engagement and conversions, you need to make sure you design specifically with mobile websites in mind. This means that the design needs to be straightforward and simple, without visual clutter. Too many options, or not enough space for each element will make your mobile website look messy and unprofessional, and will be difficult to use. This will make your website visitors leave without converting.

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