Designing an effective landing page

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Your overall website design is extremely important for your success online. But your landing page design can have a huge influence on your conversion rates and your sales. Here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we are Manchester’s leading web design experts. And we work with companies and business across the region to create top quality, responsive websites. A large part of this is creating landing pages that are well designed for pulling in sales. As a result, we have produced this guide to designing an effective landing page.


One of the most important tips for designing an effective landing page is to ensure that the layout is clean. A screen that looks cluttered also looks unprofessional. And its not just ascetically challenging, its also completely impractical. If you are providing your users with a cluttered screen, how will they know how to navigate through the images and blocks of text to find what they want? The chances are they wont try, they’ll just leave.

This is why your layout should feature a balance of text and images. They should be used logically, to reinforce one another, not to compete for attention. This will make it easier for customers to recognize your message and act on it.

Above the fold content

When people load your landing page, they should be impressed with what they see. The content you place above the fold is essential for grabbing their attention, and keeping it. That’s why its not uncommon to load websites with video content filling the screen above the fold, or at least a large hero image. People respond better to visual images than they do to text, so your landing page should reflect this.

It also helps to place your navigation menu above the fold too, so that on reaching your landing page, people can easily find the page they want, quickly and easily.

Call to action buttons

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, your landing page should make the call to action buttons very clear. In fact, when it comes to designing an effective landing page, the call to action buttons are essential. Where will you position them? What type of language will you use? And how will you draw attention to them?

One good way to make sure that the call to action button on any page is always present is to make it “sticky”. This means that the call to action button will remain in the same position, even as the user scrolls up and down the page. As a result, it is easier for the user to interact with the button, and this can pay off in terms of click throughs. After all, the less interaction cost, the more interaction you can expect.

In summary

Designing an effective landing page is essential if you want user to make a purchase, get in touch, or sign up with your company. This is the page that will determine whether or not your potential customers want to shop with you, and this decision can be made in the first 3 seconds. So the first impression really does count. And it needs to be positive. You should consider the above the fold content, the placement of the call to action button, and the layout of your landing page.

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