Summer colour trends for web design

Web design is an ever evolving and adapting industry. And what was on trend three months ago, is quickly forgotten as design changes move on and make progress. This effects all aspects of web design, from the layout and shapes used, to the typography, imagery, and colours. And this summer, you should prepare for some striking colour changes that we predict will transform web design for the second half of the year. After all, here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we are Manchester’s leading web design professionals. From Wigan to Southport, we work with companies across Manchester and the surrounding region to deliver high quality web design solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to our predictions for the summer colour trends for web design.

Summer colour trends for web design

So, which colours will be popular this summer? And how will multiple colours be used together to create a striking website? Well, there are several colours that will be a hit this summer, all of which are vibrant and energizing. These colours include:

  • Living coral
  • Fiesta
  • Gold
  • Princess Blue

Living coral

This years colour of the year, as decided by Pantone, is Living coral. This rich pink or peach, shade is vibrant and energetic, and can breathe life into any website, for any industry. Using this colour for the background colour can prove a little heavy, as the shade is incredibly deep. But when paired with a cream, or even a dark background colour, living coral can be the perfect secondary or accent colour. It is a shade that naturally draws attention.


Fiesta is a bright, vibrant orange colour that is truly stunning. Similarly to the living coral, this colour is bright, bold and energising. So if you are looking fr a redesign that will grab the attention of any potential customers or clients, fiesta is a colour you should consider. Again, you can pair this with a light background colour, or a dark colour, to achieve dramatic contrast and pockets of visual interest.


OK so Gold has been popular over the past months, so it’s not really a new colour to throw into the mix. But this colour will still be impressive, and popular, this summer, and for the latter half of the year. Gold is symbolic with wealth, success and status. All of which are great attributes for any company to be associated with. That’s why this colour will remain popular. It can also be used in conjunction with the living coral, and  plain white or black background, to create a really dramatic effect.

Princess Blue

Not just blue, princess blue is a specific shade somewhere between royal blue and bright blue. This colour is lively and fresh, again energising any website it is used on. This can be a great background colour for any website, with lighter or darker colours being used as accent and secondary colours.

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