Choosing website colours for visual branding

Here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we are Manchester’s leading web design professionals. We work with a variety of companies across Manchester, and the North West, including those in Blackburn and Chorley, to provide high quality web design solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about the important website colour choices for visual branding.

What are the important considerations when choosing website colours for visual branding?

There are a number of considerations to take into account when choosing the colours for your website. This is because the colours that you choose will be tied to your brand, and your company as a whole, and it’s important to make the right impression. As a result, you should consider:

  • The meaning or effect of the colour choice- every colour has a meaning, and subsequent psychological impact on viewers, which often occurs subconsciously. Understanding this effect, and choosing the colours which best reflect the qualities and character of your brand is important. Whether you want to be seen as friendly, responsible, reliable, or quirky, the colours you choose can portray this to the world, effectively defining your branding and company character.
  • The logo and other company branding- if you already have a well defined company logo, or a real world office or shop front, the decor and colours associated with this could become part of your website. This can help to tie all aspects of your business together, so that potential customers and clients make the connection from one to the other. This can even increase the perceived professionalism of your company on the whole, helping to increase sales, bookings and sign ups.
  • Practicality- unfortunately, the colours you choose shouldn’t only be selected on merit of their connection to your company branding, because this could lead to some impractical colour options. Instead, you will also need to consider the practicality of the colours you have selected, and ensure that there is plenty of contrast between the background and the text colour, to allow this to be easy to read on all screen sizes and devices. The colour of key features like the call to action buttons will also need to be well planned, to ensure this has the most prominent visual effect, drawing attention and interest.
  • Colour combinations- Pairing the right colour combinations together is an important consideration too. Of course, you want to use colours that clearly help to distinguish and outline your company branding, but at the same time, these colours need to work well together visually too. As a result, it can sometimes be the best option to choose simply one of the predominant branded colours, and then to choose one or two other colours in support of this main colour.

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