Advantages of visual consistency in web design

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Here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we build websites specifically tailored to the requirements of companies and businesses across Manchester and the North West, including Blackburn and Chorley. In fact, we provide the perfect web design solutions for clients in all areas of business and industry. One of the things that we can ensure is visual consistency across your website. But what does this involve? And what are the advantages of visual consistency in web design?

What is visual consistency in web design?

Visual consistency involves making sure that all the design techniques you use are applied consistently on every page of your website. This can include:

  • the type of imagery or illustration
  • the typography and text- including the font type, sizing and spacing
  • the icon design
  • the menu design
  • the button design
  • the page layout

What are the advantages of visual consistency in web design?

There are a number of advantages to keeping your web design visually consistent. These benefits include:

  • Improving the user experience
  • Website professionalism
  • Website efficiency

Visual consistency can improve the user experience

When potential customers or clients are browsing your website, they expect to know how to interact with the site, and find what they need quickly and easily. A website design that is consistent on each page can help with this in a number of ways, including:

  • Using the same menu system on each page- this helps users understand how to navigate the website to get to the page they need. Keeping this the same on every page ensures that your users can use this easily and with speed. On the other hand, if you were to change menu design part way through, many of your users would become frustrated, and struggle to adapt to the changes.
  • Using the same button design- the call to action button is important for driving conversions and increasing your sales or sign ups. A consistent design can help improve the user experience, as they will know how and when to interact with this website element. Finding a colour scheme, sizing and positioning that works for your website can make a big difference to your website success.

Visual consistency can improve website professionalism

Your website is the visual representation of your company or business online. And for this reason, each part of your website should be designed to create the best impression of your company. Visual consistency can help with this for a number of reasons including:

  • Each page has the same design- with consistent design, each of your web pages should notably belong to the same website, with the same layout and design, as well as branding. This helps give your company the professional edge, and can help to reduce your website bounce rate too.
  • Design features- by focusing on consistent design, your website is more likely to have effective design features that have been tried and tested. This means they are also more likely to look professional, and behave in a professional way.

For more information or advice, or for high quality, professional web design solutions, get in touch with the experts today, here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester.