Benefits of brush fonts in web design

Here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we are Manchester’s leading web design experts. We work with companies and businesses across Manchester, and the surrounding area, including Wigan and Southport, to provide web design solutions that can help businesses grow. As a result, we have produced this guide to the benefits of brush fonts in web design.

What are brush fonts?

Brush fonts are a style of website font that use broader, looser brush strokes than the more formal calligraphy style typography. These broader strokes maintain a clear brush stroke throughout the letter formation, and can compliment companies and businesses in a range of sectors.

What are the benefits of brush fonts in web design?

There are a number of benefits and advantages to using brush fonts in web design. These benefits include:

  • Creating a unique style
  • Adding character and personality
  • Creating visual interest

Create a unique style with brush fonts

Because brush fonts are not used as frequently as other script, calligraphy or handwriting style of typography, you can use this style of font to create something unique for your company and brand. From the colours and background combinations, to the width and height of the letters, there are a million different ways that brush fonts can be created and applied to a website. This means that your company can really get creative, and think outside the box, to create a style and design that will really work for your company image.

Using brush fonts to add character and personality

Because the brush font you choose will be unique to your brand or company, you can design a typography style that emphasizes your brand persona and character, and injects personality into your web design. This can really help your website connect to your audience, and your potential customers and clients, and dramatically increase sales and sign ups.

Brush fonts can create visual interest

For any website, it is imperative that the attention and interest of the website user is grabbed immediately. This means that your web design really needs to draw the eye, and create visual interest. This is something that brush fonts can excel at, especially when used correctly. Above the fold on your landing page, this style of typography can be sure to attract immediate attention, and capture the intrigue of your website users. In fact, this can even help to maintain the interest of your potential customers and clients, when used as subheading typography throughout the page. As a result, not only will your website users be more likely to pay attention to your content and read this, but they are also more likely to sign up to your services, or buy your products.

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