Considerations for positioning above the fold text in the centre

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In web design, the above the fold content is the area of the screen that can be seen without the user scrolling down the page. This is what will load first, and what your potential customers or clients will see first. As a result, it’s important that this attracts attention and makes a positive impression. The text you use here will need to be positioned correctly, to achieve the best results. But what are the considerations for positioning above the fold text in the centre? And how can you be sure to do this effectively? Well, here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we build websites specifically tailored to the requirements of companies and businesses across Manchester and the North West, including Blackburn and Chorley. We provide the perfect web design solutions for clients in all areas of business and industry. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about centre aligned, above the fold text.

What are the important considerations for positioning above the fold text in the centre?

While positioning above the fold text, you need to be sure that your message will stand out and grab attention. For this reason, text that is completely centred above the fold is often used by companies and businesses of all sizes, across all manner of industries. But before you copy this web design style, there are some things to consider. These include:

  • The background
  • The text size
  • The typography style

The background for centred above the fold text

When using typography in the centre of the screen above the fold, its important to consider the background. Backgrounds that use real imagery can make it too difficult to read the text, while plain backgrounds can struggle to make a real impact on your website visitors. Some useful options include:

  • Using transparent text- this will mean the letters look like they are cut-out of the background, using the negative space within the shape of the letters to make the words really stand out. This can work effectively for backgrounds with high quality imagery and real photography.
  • Using decorative text- choosing a text style that is decorative and captures attention itself will meant hat you can use a simple or plain background, as the text itself will grab and direct user attention. From calligraphy text to decoratively filled lettering, there are a number of different and effective choices for this.

The text size

Another important consideration for centred text above the fold is the size of the text. Because this will be in the centre of the screen, its important to get this right. Text that is too small will leave too much negative space that is not used effectively, and text that is too large will be off-putting and detract from any call to action button used. Striking the right balance is key. Experiment with different sizes, and use different test groups to get different opinions.

The typography style

Finally, when using text that will be in the centre of the above the fold screen, its important to consider the text style in detail. The style of the text you choose will define your company branding, and play a pivotal role on the first impressions your potential customers or clients form. You need to ensure that any typography style is easy to read, on any screen size or device.

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