Content sections for the about us page

Creating an effective about us page can be very influential, building trust with your consumers and helping to tell your company story effectively. But what content should be included here? Well, here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we are Manchester’s leading web design professionals. And we work with companies and clients around Manchester, and the surrounding region, including Wigan and Southport, to provide stunning and effective web design solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about the different content sections for the about us page.

What are the most important content sections for the about us page?

There are a number of important pieces of content that you should always include in your about us page. These should include:

  • Your company story- its important that your potential customers and clients feel as thought they understand your company, as this will help to establish and develop a connection. Telling the story of how your company was formed, and the aims and goals your company has, can help to make this happen, building trust and ultimately increasing sales and sign ups.
  • Key company milestones and achievements- celebrating the success and achievements of your company not only makes your website feel more genuine, but this also helps to impress and WOW your potential customers and clients too. Whether you recently had your grand opening, or you have been a operating for decades, there is always something to be proud of achieving when putting together and operating a company. And outlining these achievements publicly shows your audience that your business is interested in long term growth and development, which ultimately increases consumer trust.
  • Contact form or link- your about us page should have a direct link to the contact page, or it should be using its own contact form. This helps to capitalise directly on the trust your about us page will build with potential customers, so that they can reach you instantly and directly.

What are the important considerations for about us page content sections?

When deciding which content sections to include on your about us page, you should consider:

  • How this fits with the content on other parts of the website- You don’t want to be repeating or duplicating content on your website so you should ensure that if the same topics are covered in other parts of your website, that this is not to the detriment of your about us page.
  • How much text should be included– the about us page should include plenty of information and details but this should not be a wall of text that is unappealing to your website users or potential customers or clients. Make sure the text is divided into effective and clear sections.
  • How can the text and visual content be balanced– make sure you use enough visual content to balance the text and also add to the message you are trying to present.

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