Different design options for text only above the fold

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Here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we build websites specifically tailored to the requirements of companies and businesses across Manchester and the North West, including Blackburn and Chorley. We provide the perfect web design solutions for clients in all areas of business and industry. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about designing effective text only above the fold content for your website.

What are the different design options for text only above the fold?

In web design, the above the fold content needs to be designed to draw attention and interest immediately, while also being relevant to your company branding, and what you can offer. Using typography only in this space is a design trend that a wide range of companies and businesses, across varying industry sectors, have been trying out in the last few months. But what are the different design options for this, and how can you make sure that your text only, above the fold content really makes your website stands out? Well, there are several design options, including:

  • Stacked text
  • Calligraphy text
  • Animated text

Using stacked typography for above the fold content

If your website will only have text above the fold, the typography you choose needs to be something special, to impress your potential customers or clients. Stacked text can be a great choice for this. Not only can you add a little bit more information, probably up to ten words depending on layout and design, but the text will fill the space, creating a stylish design. For this to be effective, you should consider:

  • The size of the text- the size of the text is important as while there may be plenty of space to fill, oversized stacked text can be a little overwhelming, and stacked text that is too small will be hard to read and look out of place. You will also need to consider resizing, and perhaps even repositioning this stacked text for more effective mobile design.
  • The colour- with stacked text, the colour of the text and the colour of the background will be one of the key visual features. It’s important to choose the right colour combination for this so that your above the fold typography grabs attention and interest immediately.

Using calligraphy text above the fold

Calligraphy text refers to a style of typography that looks like handwriting or cursive font. This can be designed to be unique to your company, really reflecting your company branding and persona. Or alternatively, you can choose a stock calligraphy font instead. To make sure that this is enough to make your website stand out to potential customers or clients, you should consider:

  • The calligraphy style- there are unending possibilities for calligraphy font, covering a wide range of styles and designs. You should be sure to choose a style that suits your company persona, so that you can use this space to start to form consumer connections.
  • The legibility- one thing you will definitely need to consider in terms of functionality is the legibility of the font. With swirls and flourishes, this style of text can be difficult to read, especially on smaller screen sizes and mobile devices.

Animated typography for above the fold content

For a typography style that is sure to attract attention, you should consider animated typography. The movement of the letters or words will trigger interest and intrigue, and this is sure to keep your potential customers or clients looking at the screen for longer.

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