Design features for effective website typography

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The typography on your website can be a great visual feature, but to be effective, this also needs to play a functional, practical role too. But how can you be sure that your typography will fit this description, and what are the features of effective website typography? Well, here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we are Manchester’s leading web design experts. We work across the North West, including Blackburn and Chorley, to provide top quality, effective web design solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about effective website typography.

What are the important design features for effective website typography?

There are a number of key features that can define effective website typography. These include:

  • Matching company branding
  • The right typography sizing
  • Responsive typography

Effective website typography should match company branding

Whether you opt for outline fonts, oversized headlines or a unique handwriting typography, the style you choose should be as an extension to your company branding, emphasizing the key features of your company persona, and establishing the brand style itself. As a result, some websites can make more use of an extensive range of typography and fonts than others, but this doesn’t mean that your typography styles need to lack creativity. From the colours and shadows, to animated effects and geometric patterns, there are a number of ways to design your typography based on your branding, even if your font choices are restricted to sans serif, simple fonts,

Effective website typography will be the right size

All of the typography on your website will need to be the perfect size, if it is to be effective. Whether its a caption underneath an image or video, or the number one page heading, the size of the font is almost as important as the style. This is because the large font will attract attention, and help to divide the content of your website page into specific categories, with appropriate heading text, so that your users can find what they need. While the smaller font size is used to expected to provide the details related to each category. And in terms of header typography itself, font that is too large can be distracting or off putting for users, while typography that is too small can be incredibly difficult to read, especially when using a unique font style.

Effective website typography will be responsive

Another aspect of any effective website typography is responsive design. This is an important factor that will allow the content of the website to scale up or down depending on the screen or device size, sot hat users on every platform, including mobile devices, will have the best possible browsing experience. Responsive design is also an important consideration for your search engine optimization, as websites with high quality mobile versions can outrank competitors that do not meet this standard. Responsive design will change the positioning and size of your typography for the best possible browsing experience on all websites.

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