Design decisions for user friendly web design

A user friendly website can be essential for making an impact both visually, and in terms of consumer connection. But what is user friendly design? And how can you make sure your website will provide the best possible user experience? Well, here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we are Manchester’s leading web design experts. And we work with companies and businesses across the North West region, including Southport and Wigan to deliver high quality, effective and practical web design solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to the most important design decisions for user friendly web design.

What are the important design decisions for user friendly web design?

If user friendly web design is all about visual detail, and functionality, its clear that for a website to be user friendly, it will need to include a range of features, including:

  • simple navigation bar
  • clear and precise typography
  • informative, original content
  • stunning imagery

Simple navigation bar for user friendly design

Navigation bars or menus are a great option to allow users to move through the pages on your website, in search of what they are looking for. But too many options can be overwhelming. To make sure your navigation bar is user friendly, you should consider categorizing your menu into different areas, and keeping the number of options to a minimum.

Clear and precise typography for user friendly design

A website that looks great is fantastic. But if your website users cannot read the writing, or understand your message, you will be losing out. Unique, calligraphy fonts often have too many swirls and twirls, and this can obscure your message. As a result, you should consider using fonts that are easy to read, and testing these fonts on all screen sizes and devices, as a font that looks great on your desktop, might be terrible on mobile.

Informative content for user friendly design

If your website really wants to impress users, and persuade them to purchase your products, or sign up to your mailing list, you will need to consider the actual written content. While this isnt part of the website design, it is an important feature of your website. All your content needs to be original, unique and relevant, to really ensure that your users get the most out of your website. And this will also help your website to rank higher on the search engine results page too, which will draw in more traffic, leading ultimately, to more conversions.

Stunning imagery for user friendly design

Finally, while the images on your website might just be decorative, a user friendly website will ensure that these are all optimised to load quickly, responsive for different devices, and are positioned in a way that naturally draws the eye down the screen. This helps the website flow, and it can also help users find the information they need, by directing attention to different areas of the screen.

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