The importance of professional image in web design

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Image is vital to web design. In fact, according to the University of Surrey, 75% of user judgment about your business’s credibility is based on your website’s design! Which means that your imagery, typography and colour schemes don’t just determine the visual effect of your website, but also how reliable, and trustworthy, your company is deemed to be. As a result, creating a professional image in web design is essential for your business to succeed. But, here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we have found that presenting a professional image in web design, comes down to more than just visual appeal. Your practices are also important. As a result, we have produced this guide to the the importance of professional image in web design.

The importance of professional image in web design

Image is a recurring factor across any website. Colours, animations, icons, illustrations, text and images all combine together to create a visual experience for any user. And according to Blue Corona, 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive. Professional quality images can help your website grab attention, stand out, and really show case what you have to offer. You would never use a grainy, out of focus, blurry image for your above the fold content. And this is the same attention you need to pay to the overall image your company website presents.

Language and image

The language you use as part of your content, also goes some way towards presenting an image of your company. You can choose to be fun and quirky, or serious and sophisticated with your choice of language. And this will help refine the image that consumers, and potential customers, receive about your company as a whole.

Finding your audience

Creating a website that works flawlessly and looks stunning is all well and good. But you need to get your company website seen by the right people. And this means optimising your web design for the best possible performance on search engines. In fact, the number one ranking website on Google, can attract around 30% of all organic traffic! So this is definitely something to aim for.

Optimise your practices

Once you have optimised for search engine results, it could be a good opportunity to optimise your practices. After all, once you have your audience, you need to follow through on your professional image, with professional practices. This can include the way you:

  • email your clients and consumers- professional email marketing can help you directly target interested users, to increase the opportunity for sales. However, it needs to be more than a 10% off voucher. You really need to make your emails professional, as well as appealing
  • your phone service- if a customer phones your company, and nobody is there to answer, a professional, business orientated message helps to secure the image of your company as a professional, reliable
  • documents, contracts and invoices- make sure every piece of paperwork you use for your business is professional and well thought out. Branding on the paperwork also helps.

For more information or advice about your web design, and how to keep things professional, get in touch with the experts today, here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester.

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