Using parallax scrolling for storytelling

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Here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we are Manchester’s leading web design experts. We work with companies and businesses across Manchester, and the surrounding area, including Wigan and Southport, to provide web design solutions that can help businesses grow. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about the benefits of parallax scrolling for website storytelling.

What is parallax scrolling?

Parallax scrolling is a design technique that changes the speed of different website elements when you scroll. Generally, on a standard website, the whole page will scroll down with you. However, parallax scrolling allows different background elements to scroll down slowly, while text and content in the foreground moves more quickly.

What is storytelling in web design?

Storytelling in web design is a design process that involves taking website users on a journey relevant to your company and your products and services. From developing target audience personas and generating content that will motivate, intrigue and relate to these, to centering your products or services as a an effective solution, storytelling on your website can be engaging and interesting.

What are the advantages of using parallax scrolling for storytelling?

There are a number of advantages and benefits to using parallax scrolling on your website for storytelling. These advantages include:

  • Adding visual interest- telling a brand driven story is all about the text based content, for building interest and intrigue and really getting your point across. And of course visual imagery can really help to support this text. But parallax scrolling allows any brand story to be more visually interesting, instantly, because of the way that the text scrolls faster than the background. This also means that background imagery can change to match the content, adding more depth to your storytelling delivery.
  • Memorable design feature- a parallax scrolling website is often much more memorable than a standard web design. And one that combines this interesting design technique with top quality storytelling is much more likely to stick in the minds of your website users. This means that your company will be remembered the next time that your customers need a product or service like yours.
  • Professional quality- a parallax scrolling website can present your company as highly responsible and professional, helping to also promote your products or services as such. When it comes to success online, the key is to build trust. Your consumers need to trust your company and believe that your products or services will be worthwhile before they feel able to make a purchase, booking, or get in touch. Well designed websites can help to build this trust, and as a result, your online business can flourish. And a parallax scrolling website is the perfect way to make this happen.

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