Advantages of transparent text in web design

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We build websites specifically tailored to the requirements of companies and businesses for a range of industry sectors, here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester. We offer our high quality website solutions across Manchester and the North West, including Blackburn and Chorley.. As a result, we know how important the right typography is for any website, and how this can transform and improve any website, including transparent text. Transparent text is growing in popularity, but what is this, and how can this be used effectively?

What is transparent text?

Transparent text can also be referred to as cutout text, as each letter of the text has absolutely no fill, and is completely transparent. This means that when positioned over a background layer, the background will be visible through the lettering, creating a stunning visual effect that looks like the letters have been cut out of the background. This can work in a number of ways with numerous background layers. For example, the text can have one pattern or design, and this might differ from the rest of the background.

Transparent text versus outline text

Transparent text differs from outline text as it may or may not have an outline. Many transparent texts do not use an outline, as this can detract from the design of the font. In addition, many outline typography designs use a fill for the centre of the outlined text, instead of total transparency. However, some outline text designs do use transparent text, within the outline, which can create a similar visual effect.

What are the advantages of transparent text in web design?

There are a number of advantages to using transparent text, especially above the fold. These include:

  • Capturing attention- transparent text offers something visually different to other styles of typography design. This can help to capture the attention of your audience as soon as they load your website, and it can help to set your company apart from others.
  • Engaging and interactive- transparent text can work really well if this is linked to user action, like scrolling. For example, above the fold text that changes background as you scroll across, or down the page, can be very visually effective, ensuring that your audience pay attention and read your above the fold content.
  • Design flexibility- this is a style of web typography that can be used for all types of web design. From solemn, serious companies and industries, to quirky and fun businesses with niche markets, transparent text can be incredibly effective.

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