Whimsical design options for your website

Different design styles can complement different company personas and different types of website. One emerging design trend is whimsical design and this can be a great design option. But what is whimsical web design? And how can this work for your company? Well, here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we are Manchester’s leading web design experts. We work with companies in a range of sectors across the North West, including those in Blackburn and Chorley, to provide top quality, effective web design solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about whimsical design for your website.

What is whimsical design?

Whimsical design is a design style that involves light design colours, animations and playful fonts for a result that feels light and has aesthetics that are a little unexpected. This is a great design style for websites for companies that are playful and quirky or unusual.

What are the effective whimsical design options for your website?

If a whimsical websites would suit your company branding and persona, it could be a great way to set your company apart from competitors. And there are a range of different design options available for you to create the perfect result. These include:

  • Using light colour palettes- lighter tones like pastel shades can be very effective for whimsical web design, as can pastel tone ombre designs and colour gradients. These allow the website to have a quirky feel from the start and the light background is very effective for the more visually important text and visual features.
  • Choosing more experimental font types- while some font types like calligraphy fonts that are unique can be a great and simple option for whimsical web design, other font choices can include those that are less well established. A good whimsical design will blend all elements together for the perfect visual result, and this may mean taking some chances with your typography or font style. Using more experimental fonts has the advantage of helping your website stand out, and improving visual design, though it may need more tweaking or analysis to ensure you achieve the intended outcome.
  • Using animation effects- animation for the typography, on scroll, or even for the imagery can be very effective for whimsical design as this creates the right visual effect for the design choice. Usually, one of the golden rules for using animation in web design is that the animation needs to be practical and for functional purposes. However, for whimsical web design, this rule doesn’t need to apply. Instead the purpose of the animation for a whimsical website is to emphasise the design style itself. Using animation for the call to action button, or important text however, could complement the design style while also being a useful part of whimsical design.
  • Using illustrated visual features- a lot of whimsical design uses illustrated visual features that are designed in a more cartoon style, as opposed to real life representations. This adds to the quirky and playful design of the website, while also enhancing the visual appeal of the website, and making this more visually interesting. In fact, for most whimsical websites there shouldn’t be real life imagery used at all.

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