Why is font style so important in web design?

Here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we are Manchester’s leading web design professionals. We work with a variety of companies across Manchester, and the North West, including  those in Blackburn and Chorley, to provide high quality web design solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about font styles and designs, and why choosing the right font style is an essential web design consideration.

So, why is font style so important in web design?

Choosing the right style of font for your website is very important for a number of reasons, including:

  • Ease of readability
  • Design style compatibility
  • Company branding and persona

Website font styles and ease of readability

Choosing the right font style is so important on a practical level because this will determine how easy it is to read the information and content is on your website. If the information isn’t easy to read your message will be lost and people will be more likely to leave your website early and miss out on the important details. This will ultimately have a negative impact on your sales and sign ups and will dramatically reduce the success of your website.

Website font styles and design compatibility

Different web design styles like minimalist web designs and quirky web designs are popular right now and these are design styles that involve combining a number of different web design elements, like the colour scheme, imagery and font styles in the same design style. As a result, for a fully comprehensive design style, choosing the right font can be one of the most important design decisions, improving the overall look of your website. The font needs to fit with the rest of the design elements in terms of style, design, shape, size and colour, and when all of this is right, your website will look and feel more professional. This can even have a positive impact on sales and sign ups, as a more professional website can increase consumer trust.

Website font styles and company branding and persona

Your company branding and persona is an essential consideration for all of your web design features and elements, including the font used for your text and headings. The right style of font can help to emphasise your company branding or persona visually on your website, and this is also often one of the first things that your website users will see when your website loads. This can be an effective way to establish a connection with potential customers and clients, and should entice them to want to know more and see more of your website. As a result, a good font style in the design of your company persona can be essential, especially for landing page titles and headings.

Font styles that complement your company branding can also be very important for setting your website apart from the competitors and establishing industry dominance.

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