Advantages of balance in web design

The organisation of content on your page can play a number of important roles. From ensuring that important pieces of information are read, and do not get skimmed over, to laying out content with plenty of negative space around web design elements, structure is key. Using balance in web design is a good way to create this structure. But balance can look different for different companies, with different design styles. So what are these different types of balance? And why should you consider balance when planning your website? Well, here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we are Manchester’s leading web design professionals. We work with a variety of companies across Manchester, and the North West, including those in Blackburn and Chorley, to provide high quality web design solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about balance in web design.

Different types of balance in web design

There are different ways to create balance in web design which can mainly be divided into two separate areas, including:

  • Symmetrical design- symmetrical design is often vertical with equal weights given to the content on each side of the vertical divide. Symmetry on a website can also be created by dividing the page across in a horizontal divide with content in the top and the bottom of this divide equally weighted. Both options are very effective for above the fold design on websites.
  • Asymmetrical design- this type of design subverts the standard symmetrical approach and creates something that is more unusual and visually interesting. For above the fold web content this can be attention grabbing and intriguing.

What are the advantages of balance in web design?

There are a number of advantages and benefits to using balance as a visual design feature. These advantages include:

  • Directing the eye– balance can help to direct and pull the eye across or down the page. This means that if there is a key feature or element that you really want your potential customers or clients to see, you can use balance to ensure that this content is not missed.
  • Space for different types of content- creating a website with balance can give plenty of space to different types of web content, like text and imagery for example. With plenty of space for each type of content, the website will not be overwhelming for website users and potential customers and clients. This can dramatically improve the user experience by making important information and details easier to find on the page.
  • Making a statement– balance in web design can be created in a number of different ways to create a statement that can help your website stand out. Whether your company branding is responsible and solemn or quirky and fun, symmetrical design helps to organise the page in a way that helps to make a visual statement.

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