Web design features that can define your brand persona

Developing a unique brand persona is often a key aim for many companies, as this can bring a number of benefits, including increasing brand recognition and building trust. But creating a brand persona can be more difficult than you might think, as it takes a cohesive approach across all elements of your online content to really be successful. Here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we are Manchester’s leading web design experts. From Blackburn to Chorley we work across Manchester and the North West, with clients in all sectors of business and industry to find the perfect web design solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about defining your brand persona through web design.

How can a brand persona be created?

Creating a persona for your brand is all about being relatable to your target audience. Different companies have had success developing different brand personas, including:

  • Innocent Drinks- this company persona is all about nature and health.
  • Nike- Nike has a brand persona that is all about action: “Just do it”
  • Dove- Dove is all about true inner beauty, and with quality marketing it has become a brand with a friendly, trustworthy persona

So what should your brand persona look like? And how can you demonstrate this online?

Important considerations when developing a brand persona for your company

When thinking about the brand persona for your own company, you should consider:

  • Your target audience- who do you target audience want to be friends with? Are you the eco friendly, animal loving big brother? Or the coffee fueled, adrenaline junkie sister? Because for your brand persona to work, you have to represent someone that your target audience can relate to, but also someone that they want to emulate.
  • Your company values- your company persona should also be selected based on the values of your company. If you strive to use only eco-friendly materials, but present an image where the environment is not really a concern, you’re missing a trick. Any persona you create will be more genuine, more believable, and more effective when it truly comes from your own company values and aims.

What are the different web design features that can define your brand persona?

So how can web design help you define and show off your company persona? Well, there are several ways this can be achieved, including:

  • Through the typography you choose- different typography creates a different artistic effect. From the swirls and twirls of a unique font, to the straight, blunt edges of a block based sans serif, your typography can help to show what type of character or personality your company or brand has.
  • The colour schemes you use- different colours evoke different feelings. From passionate or action based based, to relaxed and calm greens and blues, choose a colour scheme that really reflects your brand persona, be it fiery and fun filled, or serious and reliable.

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