Web design features that can improve your sales funnel

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As Manchester’s leading web design professionals, here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we work with companies across Manchester and the surrounding region, including Wigan and Southport, to deliver high quality web design solutions that really get results.  As part of this, we recognise the important role of web design for boosting sales and improving profits by influencing your sales funnel. But what is a sales funnel? And how can web design improve your sales funnel?

Understanding the sales funnel

So, what exactly is a sales funnel? Well, a sales funnel is a process that gradually funnels potentially interested customers through the purchasing or signing up process. For example, when people land on your website, they might not be interested in purchasing your products or services immediately. They could be in the middle of shopping around and checking out their options. Or they could just be browsing. The important thing is that when they return, they will be a little more likely to purchase. Instead of looking at the general information, they might spend more time gathering in depth information, or spend longer on your product page. This is why web design itself is so vital to the effectiveness of your sales funnel.

What are the web design features that can improve your sales funnel?

So, how can the web design techniques you use, influence your sales funnel? Well, there are a number of ways in which web design is vital. These include:

  • Promoting a professional image
  • Invoking user action
  • Promoting a positive user experience

Web design, the sales funnel, and a professional image

Web design has the power to make your website, and by association, your company, look professional. And this can have a positive effect on the sales funnel, as it means that more of your website users will be likely to make a purchase earlier, rather than later. This is because a professional website is easier to trust, and this plays an important role in the decisions that potential customers make.

Web design and user action

It’s not just the imagery that can influence users to act. The web design features like the call to action button are deliberately created to invoke user action. These should be clear and well designed so that they not only attract attention, but also so they direct users to their next intended step on the purchasing journey.

Promoting a positive user experience

Finally, your web design should also focus on promoting a positive user experience. And this positive experience can not only drive more of your website traffic through the sales funnel, it can also be key to actually finalizing the sale too. This is because a well designed ecommerce cart and checkout experience, is the final hurdle that causes many companies to fail. This process needs to be as user friendly as possible, to ensure a positive user experience, and an increase in sales.

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