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Script fonts and company branding

When choosing the right typography for your website, especially for headers and titles, you will want to choose something that fits with the rest of your web design, as well as your company branding. Script fonts can be a great choice for some companies, as these are full of personality and character, that can truly epitomize your brand. But this wont be suitable for all companies, with different identities and characteristics. So what is the link between script fonts and company branding? And will script fonts suit your website? Well, here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we are Manchester’s leading web design experts, and we provide high quality, effective, web design solutions for a range of local companies and businesses across Manchester, and the surrounding area. This includes Blackburn and Stockport. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about using script fonts for company branding.

What is a script font?

So, first of all, what is a script font? Well, a script font is a font designed to look like calligraphy style handwriting. From large swirls and flourishes, to blunt joined lettering, there is an endless array of script font designs. These can be completely unique, or can be bought as stock typography. But either way, this style of typography can add character and depth to your webdesign. Though this must match your company branding and brand identity.

Script fonts and company branding

Choosing a script font that matches your company branding needs to involve certain considerations, including:

  • Your brand identity/persona
  • Your competitors branding
  • Your target audience

Script fonts and brand identity

From serious and solemn, to quirky fun and youthful, different brands have a unique identity. This will be reflected in the style of the written content, the imagery, the colour scheme, and the typography. Script fonts can be used to reflect the whole range of brand identities, when they pair well with the rest of the web design. For companies offering fun and quirky products or services, try using a swirly, oversized font that offers a lot of visual interest. While for companies with a more serious tone, choose script fonts with thinner, heavier lines.

Script fonts and your competitors

Before you choose any font, you need to make sure that it sets you apart from your competitors, and doesn’t make your two website look overly similar. This is because its very important to establish your brand as unique, trustworthy and reliable, and this doesn’t work if your website is mistaken for another.

Script fonts and your target audience

You also need to consider the requirements of your user, as well as your branding. This means ensuring that your typography is responsive and easy to read on mobile devices (vertically!) and that is also meets their expectations. Script fonts generally appeal to all demographics, but it never hurts to test your typography using A/B group testing, to see if a different font style would help improve your website performance.

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